My Beloved Wife, ‘ A ' ….[ My Super-Serious Challenge-Write; & It Must Rhyme! ; Not Short; Definitions Supplied]] Poem by Bri Edwards

My Beloved Wife, ‘ A ' ….[ My Super-Serious Challenge-Write; & It Must Rhyme! ; Not Short; Definitions Supplied]]

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"WHY" …she asks, "do we together now live? "
[[ My wife is/(was?)thinking of ‘leaving me'; IT is TRUE! ]]
To this, her question, what answer shall I now give?
It must be honest and believable ….when I am through.

I say now: " Wife, dear ‘A', we've been married ten years,
and I've never stopped loving you, for even a moment, ….
though I'VE made you angry and ‘brought YOU to tears'!
Without meaning to, marital-unrest, ..I at times foment! "

"We live together because we made a commitment & …
…. despite ‘ups-and-downs', I'm your husband by choice.
You feel you can't go on, but your love's not a bit rent.
IT'S your depression, brought on at times by my VOICE, ….when I raise it to high levels when I get SO annoyed.
I'm sorry for its effect on you; I just can't seem to avoid …
IT! ! "

"We both say we COULD live alone; I'd rather NOT part,
and, though it may be tiny, YOU ‘own' 99% of my heart.
When you're on the PC, studying, or in kitchen, cooking,
I find ‘things to do'; it's NOT ‘to avoid you' I'm looking.
Sometimes I'm reading a book or doing poetry writing,
or caring for ‘your garden'; I DO find outdoors inviting."

"But it's NOT to avoid you, and you often don't miss me.…
which is OK.Being apart a while ain't bad.Now KISS me,
‘cause I'm ‘working my fingers to the bone' composing ….
this poem for you; I pray you won't be supposing.…
…that I'm not enjoying my brain-taxing task; it's actually ‘FUN'!
And later we can walk in Redwoods; they'll hide the sun."

I don't think in terms of ‘Fun' or ‘Happy' (much) , it's true,
but for a decade, and now, I'm pleased sharing life with.…..YOU!
I'm also quite content knowing most days you'll be near,
& when you're away I look forward to your return, Dear."

"I'm not the first (of us)to say: ‘Let's fly Here or There.'
But mostly I've gone along, and some ‘fun' we do share,
whether it's watching bats fly from cave near a Thai park,
walking a trail by the ocean on my birthday ‘for a lark', .."

"..watching birds at our feeders eating sunflower seeds,
or some other activity which at that time fills our needs.

I still love you and plan to, Dear, for the rest of my life.
I wish to share the good and bad.You ARE my ‘A' wife! "

(July ….25th ….2018)

Some Definitions ….[ thanks, "Mr. PC" & "Mrs. Google"! ]
(some of these definitions I was not very familiar with, but I thought the words ‘sounded right')

FOMENT (verb) : "instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action) "

RENT (I'm using as an adjective, from verb ‘rend') : "torn; rended"
AIN'T (contraction) : "ain't(ānt)informalcontraction
unpunctuated: aint; 3rd person present: ain't
1. am not; are not; is not.
2. has not; have not.

SUPPOSING (verb) : "assuming that something is the case on the basis of evidence or probability but without proof or certain knowledge."

DECADE (NOUN) : "a period of ten years"

LARK (noun) : "Using lark to describe carefree fun might come from 1800s sailors' slang, skylark, to describe playing in the rigging of the ship, up high like a lark. " [skylark/lark is a type of bird also]

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,doubt,love,love and life,marriage
The poem is true-to-life.

The "is" [see poem's line #2], I THINK, is now "was"

[ I Stand in awe of the power of communication through poetry! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ]

But, does this mean i 'HAVE TO' stay married ANOTHER TEN YEARS? !

:) BRI

p.s. when i first submitted this, a few minutes ago, i had 'A' in the title and PH changed it to 'a'! ! !i have now put spaces between the A and the two apostrophes.i think that will 'take care of things'.

p.p.s. normally i do not put anything 'immediately-after' the poem except the date of writing in parentheses.but this time i put definitions to aid readers; i thought they were better put there than in my Poet's Notes.
Valsa George 31 July 2018

I so much enjoyed this poem.... This is quite unlike most of your other poems where you deliberately sound silly! But this I think has come from your heart! Did you read it out to her? ? I am sure she is mighty pleased! No other engagements should stand in the way of marital companionship though each one has his/her own pursuits! Always find some time to be with one's mate! It will cement all cracks in marriage! Top marks!

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Khairul Ahsan 11 August 2018

'This is quite unlike most of your other poems where you deliberately sound silly! ' - Ha ha ha! An interesting observation, Valsa!

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Bri Edwards 26 July 2018

in my 3rd stanza, line 4: when I raise it to high belongs on line 5 along with levels when I get SO annoyed.. : ( ha ha.......... bri :) but, despite some goofs (i think) by PH, the site is GREAT.....................& free! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 July 2018

A beautiful poem for your wife. Very lovingly penned. Stanza 4 and 6 and the 2 closure lines are very heartwarming. Your wife must frame this beautiful poem for her perusal. Very well crafted write.10++++++

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Bri, this is such a fine poem devoted to your wife. She must be so proud of you. You have a unique style of expressing yourself with honesty. That's what i like in your poems. The last verse is wonderful. As always a full vote for you, dear Bri.

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Belle Wassermeister 11 July 2021

Glad to see that you too are still together!

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Valentin Savin 26 December 2020

Dear Bri, thanks God I've managed to find you and your poems. This one I liked an? commented. I wonder if we are able to correspond as before within this renewed PH?

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Valentin Savin 11 September 2018

Dear Bri, That’s it. I agree with you and think that: Caesar’s Wife Must Be Above Suspicion...

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Rajib Baskey 27 August 2018

Pleased to read this poem sir.....Really nice

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Valentin Savin 27 August 2018

Best of luck to you both. Your wife must be proud of you. God bless you.

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