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No Soaring - Poem by Dexsta Ray

If it's not true, it's not true
Then of course I'll
I'm divorced from the lies, I'm on course with the Light
And even if I wasn't good enough
I'm good enough for
I withstood the rough, complete
In my own cot of
Broken bulbs, true, I could be gone any second
But you would follow shortly
Either that or the
Family, such oppression, what's the question?
Something other than passions
But muffled tangled
No more, trusting, something strange, coming, tool is held
Then I see some blame coming over
Things that ain't my fault
Well, deadly like disease, better stay across
Speak up like I have
No attention went 'cause you ain't show
It ain't my business, don't you pin me where I do not go
I saw the missing picture
I'm not sure if it was all the hype
The hidden missiles…
Creepy, espionage, I know, arresting the odds
Certain additives, it's mixed in
My home
Stop messing with God, my soul, for only He survived me
Poison went in, seethe, besides me
I'd sleep, and dying
Then He'd bring back to breathing, fighting
Defeat the silence
And the violence might stop
And everything the devil tried had got denied and by God
And so I praise Him and the Holy Spirit
Many can't see
But He's right there, really covered so I stay deep!
And I can understand the puzzle
Certain pieces ashes
Many dreams, many teens, yearn to be established
Hurt but we can manage
Sooner or evening, and all my work is not a scheme or tactic
But thing of
I seen it, o, a legion, try decease me, for no reason
It was deep, not the type of thing easy to forget, some evil shtick
With confining chains, popped though by the Most High
Outside looking in, a low sign
Then exploiting all my folks, pit against our own kind…
They don't think I'm coming back
Me either…
Knees weaker, see, neither touch is bad as not being here to move
I'd rather let the dungeons have, constants
Last regardless, though
Take the eyes away from that and place it on the larger globe
And departing souls, trying to ruin lives
'Cause satan try
I can't deny, but my God is too kind, and so nobody's blind
I'm not aligned to you or the things you've done
Justify it how you choose
But you hating
One, but I remain unshaken, cause I'm grateful for the dreams were fulfilled
And all these things were just a part of it
I'm just getting sharp from it
Get. Up. Off. Of. Me. You can notice how the cards function
I ain't sweating anything
Forget fitting in
His ascension ain't in vain, every Christian wins! And sometimes you get no chances
And get no choices…
Sometimes, you only get the answers
You don't get the voices
With the frauds, and the misfits, I am in accordance
Sitting on the fence ain't the vision
Just the bliss enforcing
These are life time factors, it ain't never changing
One minute which is captured
Through the metal
The only difference in the after is a better making
Some don't want to listen to my candor so they plan to take me
But… still…. My faith is in the Lord

So I’m standing firm

Topic(s) of this poem: truth

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