Of Shadows And Some Faith

The shadows lengthen outside these walls,
As the sun prepares for bed…
My day has been spent with the image of you
Wreaking havoc in my head
I’m drawn to the picture-glass window,
By a sky airbrushed cerise,
But the crimson that dots that pink
Re-intrudes upon my peace
My mind fences lightly with the memory
Of you as I saw you last,
Grim, somewhat woebegone,
Remembering all that has passed
Hold on, my sweet beloved,
Don’t cave in to stark despair,
Make haste, keep faith, just trust,
And know that I am there
The Lord only throws the gauntlet
Down to those He thinks can stand,
& take the blows and the bites with the sureness
that every situation demands
Reach deep within, inside you
You’ll find hidden reserves of strength
You’ll be surprised how much they’ll sustain you
How soon you’ll be on the mend
Learn to share your troubles and accept
That the slings and arrows of fate
Are meant to be faced with firmness
Not tears, nor grief, or hate
Life, my dearest, is an experience
That is best dealt with, with love
And an inherent faith in the power
Of the Being who lives above

(June 2006, New Delhi)