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One Hundred Proof - Poem by Dexsta Ray

They strive to undermine me
Hate to see me make
Only dreams…
Ain't no way I'll let this evil take it
Covered up with dirt
By falsity from satan
Mustn't know of botany…
Obloquy drops a seed's inflation
Negative for real
The hours do unfold
Night of cobbling
Heels, like clocking back
Though remain exposed, no Achilles
And not to know the truth
Opposite of alcoholics when it come to brew, because in other news
The prophecies were fermenting
Times of steeping
Fire, repent, to far exceed what's presented
Err or finish
See, it ain't too many options, plenty dropping hate
Pouring brine, everything was forming
It ain't ordinary but it's corny just because it's nothing sordid
Like the kind that is accepted
Ask the Lord to help me hear, only important
With no contortion of the Gospel
The morphing into gods, no, idolatry
Can not go
For there's only One, Anti-Christ Spirit within some, deny the Only Son
Heed a broken bond, separated by men
Strictly, perceived, a chosen
But following the Light ain't just wallowing in might
By applying to a physical sense
A willing intermission, a healing intervention, fulfilling this in scription
I don't know the voices, they whispering
Silent walls, a fortune, maybe through the eyes of the dark
To find an ordinance
I remember binds, wasted times, break the blinds trying to see the Light
That's shines from the out
Dividing routes
And people, or the devil, try to ostracize me
To hide the trueness of my character, to watch their lies free
Very envious, declaring the attack on my dreams
Twisting every single concept just to mask
When I speak…
They got the word that I would have a couple of people that's for me
Then kept it silent, during the times when I had needed some upping
I ain't know what they was talking 'bout
Scheming to crush me
They jealous, so I ain't slipping, that's the reason I'm covered
I'm saying, Jesus is coming
A lot of us won't make it in
And I don't care what you try, the Lord ain't letting satan win
I'm prepared 'til I die, full of grace just like a pen
Turn aware of the mind
And throw them thangs until the end, this forever, ain't a measure
By a human
Father, this a gift, not a burden to me, thank you for the whole scope of the message
The birthed acumen, using Fu Ink Growth
Free rhythm on the antipodeee
I ain't who you trying to make me, thought I'd let you knowww
But you get it so you hating, unaffected thoughhh
I ain't even next to folddd
Think I'm leaving? Let it gooo
On a mission, God given position, many lessons in attendance, bring your mess to His kitchen
God can do a lot more than what you set as His limits
And some people will abhor you 'til
Your essence has
I have been through a whole lot, God has been good to me
The devil try me through obsession from an exorcist's perspective
God has withstood with me
That's in my heart, God rebuke's the wicked!
Took a little while but now I get it…
But won't a thing save the souls who did it from the flames below the living
If they don't repent and turn
For I don't have wish to burn, so I take my own advice
Ask the Lord forgiveness
Blessings to the helpful servants, bless develop purpose, yea
Things are good, worth the spare, 'cause, in turn'll care
One hundred proof spirits, learned to grind and to curse despair
No matter what you do, we will rise
Through the verse and
Every person can decide just who they want to be
For this society'd confine you to the lowest things
If you happy, then that's what success supposed to mean
Listen to yourself…
Go for dreams and leave the sofa scene…
Just because you ain't the same as them don't mean you wrong
They just degrade your light to make you feel believing gone, because it's satan
The majority just feed on souls
NO, they don't be playing, they just really want to see you low
Don't let it happen
Find a love, then let it 'stablish
If you great, the devil infiltrates your space
To just disbanded it, understand that can't nobody muzzle you
If say your name or
The jealous cowards frame, 'cause hate to see you make it out
Win, learn, or draw, it was smooth but see it's crazy now, a negative imposter
So much pain, in uncontained amounts
Shoutout to my uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and my sisters
Mom and pops too, I'm doing this for the constants and the realer
Hustlers and the killers
God is still as forgiving
If you do accept His Son, watch He live in your spirit
And there's
One hundred proof souls declaring beef, on the tactics of the devil
So to know the tare and wheat


May God bless the willing
The kingdom of darkness shall not prevail
Try me anytime
Standing firm, I will never falter


The Most High be in control

One hundred proof

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