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Prehipoic 3 - Poem by Dexsta Ray

The question was ridiculous
The rest considered
Such a mess
But the minute's on the ticking now
So we can't forget and quit it
Some mechanic noises
Twisting cords
Before we know, there's a door and vortex
Sucking us in
A team of five
Just an exhibition, going to see what we can find
And to me…
It seemed a dream
All the theories… cost a lot
Crossing other series
Science is amusing, like we buy into illusions
Time withdrew
A prehistoric era, breeze is sort of feral
Gathered the equipment
Sarah, Jimmy, went before commander
I hang back
Can't believe how everything is different
I mean the trees, compared to now, everything is bigger
I don't know why I consented
Guess I'll take some pictures
Then find the others 'cause we made it while the day was ending
Heard the walkie talkie
'Ya'll should come and take a look at this.'
Bert had found a great view
The jungle, open space
But it ain't a safe move, in the distance we could hear
Such we're familiar with
Carnivorous, let's stay grouped
Because those things are blade toothed
Ha ha ha
Ain't trying to meet that
Still we roll on
Find a place we think could be camp
Ain't no bones, and no civilization, things change, in the dome
Met with this realization
Some baby dinosaurs passed by the front
Nine all together, was running by
But five stopped
To judge our presence, I just want to see, I'm shocked
Trying to take a picture, no one'd believe this
Not even me
It make you shiver, tried to feed one leaves, but it stepped back
I felt that…
Most of these type don't like plants
So we dwelled back
'Look! ' Over there, I yelled, a side of a cliff,
And you can see where Pterodactyls sailed, just shy of the rift!
I ain't familiar with a lot of these
But I still remember letters from the hellish books we
Used to read when we were children
Found a final spot to camp, now the sun was gone, night is when the mean ones
Come to feed, so we mustn't roam
Just until we understand where we are
They spent so much on this equipment but
Ain't add in a part
For some direction? Mannn…

Topic(s) of this poem: fiction

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