Rum & Coke Poem by Chris Courtney Martin

Rum & Coke

I don't ever have to tell you my drink.
I'd much rather speak what I happen to think.
Do you smell the rum & coke on my lips?
Does it hypnotize?

I could sing you a song halfway in-tune.
And you would clap along, with a beam like the moon.
Do you taste the dark of my liquor?
Is it shaded in my eyes?

We danced together, without the usual pressure.
We shared intimacies about your predecessor.
I have blown you a kiss from a spotlit stage.
You have suffered the blows of my simmering rage.

And I wonder…

Do you keep space in your mind to remember my drink?
Do you check in on my pages to see what I think?
This rum & coke won't erase you.
Still, it's strong enough for me to taste you.

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