Seven Months And Drowning

Rating: 2.0

I died when you died
Seven months to this day
Suffocated, breathless
As I watched my life slip painfully away.

I tried to hold on;
It was a vicious fight
But my strength was nothing
Beside His might.

Reluctant am I
To release my grasp on your life
My strife is more than one can bear
But whoever said that life was fair?

Yours ripped away
From my Utopian world
The sun rose
Accompanied by an evil, named Hell.

Hell on earth; it was here we met
For though I have but few despondent days
This one was dire
In the ultimate way

It tore me apart,
Limb from limb
And then it dared me
To take a swim

Struggling for air
As I sink to the floor
Of the deepest dark pool
But still there is more

Initiation: I am gutted and eaten
By my evil sea friend
Satan, they call him
Even here it does not end.

My heart and thoughts plague me
I am beyond your repair
Disillusioned as I enter
A new life of unknown despair

Beyond this is harder
Than one’s mind can endure
The darkest disease
Of which Death holds the cure

To witness the sorrows
Of those who surround me
Keeps me locked in my prison
In sight there’s no key

I’m left here
Wiping my tears
Destiny, eternity
Has got me on the run

No end in sight
No darker night
No way to cope
No need for hope

Wiping my tears
Until I realize
That those tears
Are my deepest dark pool.

The tears engulf me, drown me
Yet set me free
As free as Satan’s Sorrow
Will allow the world to be.