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Silky Kiss - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Behold, a morbid scene… 'twas courting and talking
Across the course
Of Jotunheim
The costs before, walking down
Score, the bow and arrow
Stopped me
Dropped me out in my tracks
Around the corner
And now immortal, found my corpse
How it happened?
Rushing scene, a clutching bliss
Out around
Profound example
In the heavens
With the Lord, if a crown
Now can't expound His presence
At the time, I'd catch the dying
I don't even know
About the fact that I was human
Slowly bleeding poems
Flashed! Cracked realities wrapped
Back at my casualty
When I was standing at the plaque
Arrows grappled
Sap that grow on trees
Lathered cultured
Black with no proceeds, how?
Because the captor hold you back for trying to dream out!
And the tittle spins!
Jesus wouldn't leave me in the trickle
Evil pouring down…
Tears fall
See, ye really need the Lord now!
Magic gets the sweeping
Thrown out into
The winter
Venom seethes and little springs grow down in bigger drinks
Satan, I can see you, there, orchestrating
My departure
Behind the scenes but don't understand that God is smarter
God is larger than the many legions trying to
Set me up
Jezebel, the evil demon, God has dressed me up!
So it never fails
That I'm stepping over
You can't touch me, because I did confess Jehovah
Struggle with this first story
Then I looked a second
The evil ones, they don't even have a granite motive
Flocks and globs of demons
Watch and peeking
Only me, oppressing, overlooking the destruction of the seeds
And lessons
Some women, that I used to know, trying to move a stone
In front of old caves, rolling, but it's empty
I been gone for a minute
Like the third day
When Jesus rose, a huge a rock, but, to angels, it was easy gone
Hate the truth I speak, they conspire
Try to disrespect me
People rationalize envy, and, the world respects it
Lord, I'm singled out, you're the one who rendered my ambitions
And I know you wouldn't do it to let them die within
I don't need the validation
Every single odd's against me
Listen to the vilest hatred
Plots without a cause and friction with the inner spirit
Got me in a daze, hot within the maze
I can speak
But it's forgotten, rots, within a day
We ain't friends
We ain't spoke in your life
How do you fix your mouth and saying that I've told you some lies?
My reputation ain't respectable, Father
Defamation's grievous
I'm like the spectacle, and kidnapped, a mental missing
In the latest season, they just want to take
A soldier down
For anything, supernatural, how they go about
But I'm standing firm
Silky kisses
Olives, crucifixes, roots to stop this curse, tell the devil's plan, shoo!
I'm not his work!
Taking out of context all the truths
Evil twisting words, added in fabrics look repulsive
Like I'm stitching shirts
With missing
No, I'm not pursuing evil, Lord, but you know already
I try to get away but it just forms a hole
I step, to see the type of needles that a camel might could squeeze through
They say I'm dung
By who rubric though? I'm like that beetle
Rolling up the stones and using that for something more constructive
It's like the more I hush the trouble, the more it's coming
I don't have a nickname
This mane's, name's the same as what Jesus deemed us
Only close folks have the luxury to dish
But this is evil
I ain't in the craze, or with people, no association
Man, why is love so hated like it's lethal? Everything I say is solid
But unpolished, only pure in feeling
And baby, why do you acknowledge me if you are dealing
Out the cold cards? Like so, I own scars too
And know that you don't really want me
It's a part, boo
For years, I ain't regard you
You disregard me, now, I'm underneath the bus like the hard streets
We don't know each other
Been a while to let the scars breathe, now you on a brother
Since I'm bound, I found, and sparked dreams
Accusing me of this…
But you also did some dark things
I ain't who you knew! Get away and please depart me!
The devil using everything to try to slow me
Molten, pyroclastic flow, hope and faith, to grow abound!
You can't mow me down!
No matter what you do, they outside? But 'He don't know'.
I got something too
I can't allow the world to break me so I'm nothing cool
I guess that's why nobody don't
Embrace me but I jump
And Whoooo! Praise the Lord, straight joy, He's the constant Truth!
Love everything that He created
That's a W…
They meddle in my personal affairs to hold me back
But it's a honor, within, Jesus care, through lowly paths
I can't say that I don't even care 'cause cold is bad
But there is a limit
For some stuff, we better listen to Him!
Prepare for visit, from His Throne, to this crooked world
I feel it coming, something's on, you can never
Miss it!
I ain't messing with nobody, haven't,
I give no reasons
Sitting back in the havoc… just a little season
Until I'm gone, I'll confess the Word
And live the meaning
God, you have my soul, help my flesh to stay aligned to Kingdom

Topic(s) of this poem: society, spiritual, truth

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    Lengthy but worth reading, thanks Mr Ray. (Report) Reply

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