Donald Yates

Tail Of The Boy - Poem by Donald Yates

It is a mystery how boys attract misery
It’s true in the scheme of life there is always strife.
But boys will be boys and crave pointless toys.
While chasing split tails and hammering nails.
They’ll make big plans that shift like the sands.
And not bend when dreams fly on the wind.
It could be said they make their bed
And pull their covers over their head.
But what’s in store when dreams are no more.
It’s the woman that traps the boy and takes away his toy.
It’s when the girl becomes his world his head is turned his heart is burned.
His life becomes a lonely swirl it started with the girl.
But wait not all is lost he doesn’t mind being bossed.
His feet are planted on firm ground his hands are no longer bound.
He has gone his way no more to stay
What once was boy on shifting sand has now grown into a man.


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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 12, 2010

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