Richie Y. Rampershad

The Eternal Bond - Poem by Richie Y. Rampershad

Once there was a boy, his eyes were red and his hair beautiful and silky his body slim. He grew lonely wondering a never ending forest forever so he made four forms of himself, Maya the form of grace and beauty, Richie the form of sadness but could spin a tale that would make you laugh but it was based upon his own miss fortune, Venus the Mystical being who would summon beings from other worlds and heal the wounded and Destruction the woman of 6 arms but only 2 legs and in each arm held life, death, light, dark, heaven and hell. He spoke of a goddess that once betrayed him and he sang them a song a tale of a boy forever lost in the world. The beings bowed to him for he was now their leaders. The boy arose from his thrown in a robe of black silk that covers his eyes but now the dark liner that dripped from his eyes and the lips that were covered in black. The boy spoke 'Go! cleanse this world of human beings before they corrupt it more.' In shock the four creations stood up, ' but why? are we not the same as they are? . The boy looked down tears came faster and faster he then replied 'yes you are right enough then', but as he spoke arrows flew through the skies the humans attacked. He watched as his creations stood up in anger upon the humans, Venus summoned a dark spirit the ripped the humans in two limb from limb, Destruction arose her hands to the sky and called down meteors from the heavens and lava from the pits of hell, Maya rose up but realized she had no powers, Then an arrow flew from the sky to hit Maya, Richie took the arrow for Maya but the arrow pierced through, Venus and Destruction rose there hands together and destroyed the humans with but one scream. The boy store down at the bodies of Maya and Richie and whispered ' now my children you will never fear again you are now me'. He gave his life and Maya's to Richie. Richie rose in sadness questioning why such power was given to him, Then he heard the boys whispers in his head, because Richie you are me. The boy made a mistake Richie could not endure human beings. Richie store behind him seeing that Venus and Destruction were gone. He then entered the world unknowing of what he would find there he saw the goddess the goddess welcomed him because she did not know who Richie truly was. The boy smiled with an even grin, and stabbed the goddess, the humans threw the boy into a chamber made by the goddess a chamber that swore the boy would be alone forever and never be touched with true love. The goddess had won again without even trying, The boy looked up at the broken glass on the floor the vines that covered the chambers the murals upon the wall. He hoped and hoped one of the men would fall in love with him and set him free but instead they took him used him for his body then through him back in the chamber. He swore humans would get there punishment and it would not be an easy punishment to dismiss he swore they would all die. A payment he would surely receive. That was a promise.

Topic(s) of this poem: creation, mythology, sad

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The Ending of The boy, The man and the woman.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 15, 2016

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