Z.I. Mahmud

The Kingdom Of The Trees - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

There is a kingdom
There abode the trees
Their are no enemies
Their our best friends!
We cannot live without them!
Humans and animals, all are dependent on them
Let us build more tress
Let us enlarge the kingdom
Now all people realized that trees are our best friends
Now people stopped cutting trees
Rather they are building more trees so that the kingdom grow and prospers well!
Trees are taken care by us
We give them Co2
We water them
We fertilize them
We spray insecticides to protect them
We make fences for them
The sun gives them light and heat
The rain gives them water
And they gives us 02
They give us shade
They give us foods, crops, flowers, fruits, plants
They give us paper,
They give us herbal medicines
They give us many other elements which help us in making useful things
We use more than 500 products of them...
So is this Kingdom...
Where we are friends and share the closest relationship

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 31, 2012

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