Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)

The Young And The Aged - Poem by Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)

By Kalyani Rajalingham

Laced serenely upon his bed

He utters not the slightest tale

Hushed beneath the warmth,

He quibbles and smiles, proudly displays his wrinkles

To the whispers of the silent mad

"There he lays, the aged old man

There he lays, the foolish mad man

What a pity, what a shame

How boorish his life must have been

Wilted and worn, Of no use anymore"

The poor old man, The foolish mad man

Cannot speak, cannot argue this untruth

And so he takes the battle to his head

To whisper in his glare the answer of his mind

"Wrinkled and old, I am, ‘Tis true,

But no fool am I

Days I have seen come and go

Life, I have lived to and fro

And time has imprisoned me, no doubt

I shan't deny, and though I speak not young fool,

My mind still laughs at you

For, Days will wilt the nights away

And the lights will shatter your days

To specs and blooms of silver mains

But, young one

Will your mind reason as mine?

For I, dear, think, reason, and understand

The fool that you claim I am

My fall was landed in these drapes

But there will come a day when these drapes will be joyfully yours

When my place will be taken by none other than you

Laugh at me now, I wonder who will laugh at you? "

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 11, 2013

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