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Yashovardhan Kulkarni Poems

1. For The Oppressive Lurking Around 3/29/2015
2. For Peaceful Should Be Your Death, Loveless Mustn'T Be Your Life. 3/29/2015
3. पत्थरों की रानी - pattharon ki raani 3/31/2015
4. Saturday 4/5/2015
5. Time's Two Ends Marry The Start 4/5/2015
6. A Pacifist In Use 4/10/2015
7. Underwater Drunk 4/17/2015
8. Gloss Collectors 4/17/2015
9. Don'T Name It Just Yet 4/21/2015
10. Freak Fest Pointer 4/21/2015
11. My Plastic Calm 4/24/2015
12. Lying M***erf****r 4/25/2015
13. What Could You Do Than To Just Be? 4/25/2015
14. Stores Above Stores Above Stores Above Stores 4/25/2015
15. Beautiful Black Lady 4/25/2015
16. Tears And Uncooked Bottles Of Rum 5/2/2015
17. पर्वत की चढ़ाई, हरा रंग और रेगिस्तान का रास्ता - Parvat Ki Chadhai, Hara Rang Aur Registan Ka Rasta 5/2/2015
18. मेरे बौने लोग - Mere Baune Log 5/2/2015
19. ए सूरज चल निकलजा के दिन गुजारना है - E Suraj Chal Nikal Ja Ke Din Gujarna Hai 5/2/2015
20. चल बस अब चल - Chal Bas Ab Chal 5/5/2015
21. I Am Your Egg, Could Even Have Been Your Chicken! 5/5/2015
22. ये रात जाती हैं कहाँ? अपना चैन ये पाती हैं कहाँ? - Ye Raati Jaati Hain Kahan Apna Chain Pati Hain Kahan 5/11/2015
23. कोई दौर जाग सकता है - Koi Daur Jaag Sakta Hai 5/24/2015
24. तेरा निर्धार - Tera Nirdhaar 5/24/2015
25. A Hero Cannot Be Discussed/ A Passing Cloud 6/1/2015
26. Her Greek Gods Of Carbon -14 6/1/2015
27. Flavoured Sun 6/1/2015
28. Forgot Where I Last Took Cover 6/7/2015
29. दीवारों का मूल और न साध सकी हुई संजीवता - Deewaron Ka Mul Aur Na Sadh Saki Hui Sanjivta 6/12/2015
30. The Man With Black Balloons 6/21/2015
31. Fate Of The Intelligentsia 6/22/2015
32. Infinite Corrections 6/30/2015
33. Indian Nerve For The Blues, Blues For The Indian Nerve 6/30/2015
34. Patriarchy 7/4/2015
35. Little Girl At The Piano 7/4/2015
36. A Man To Be Reckoned With 7/7/2015
37. The Surmise Train 7/7/2015
38. The Turf To My Planes 7/11/2015
39. Miraculous Births Of Buts That Eat Each Other Up And Leave A Void 7/11/2015
40. ब्योपार सीनेवाले भौंहो के मनसूबे- Byopar Seenewale Bhauhon Ke Mansube 7/15/2015

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Best Poem of Yashovardhan Kulkarni

On The Job

It started off from south east,
this crow it did fly off and went on feeding itself on the freewheeling white feathered,

Left me unparalleled on the job at hand
but nowhere to turn

Its a second living day of the dead
who do we mourn for but the ones left behind
but the ones left alone

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For Real This Time

Lets sleep for real this time,
I will get myself found by the lost time

Violet trance will, they say, will play down on perfect beats
Won't take down any of them rides tonight

Well, pants, if you talk pants,
I have borrowed them from Angie, who else? when its for real!

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