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Sean Robinson 16 October 2019

Why is it so suspiciously difficult to delete my account? Details are exact, I'm in my account and shown as logged on but when I try to terminate it tells me the account doesn't exist?

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Red Rossess Mary Hartley 16 February 2017

I Got Another Account So Delete Profile

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Mgcobela Khumalo 13 May 2018

Delete my account please

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Cj5boss 29 June 2018

Delete my account please

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Asumi Kamogawa 03 July 2018

Delete my account please

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Damian Balasuriya 10 May 2022

Delete my account pls.

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Aarti soni 01 May 2022

I Just dont want to be social, please remove my copyright and delete my account.

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Yuvraj Sarda 11 December 2021

Delete my account please.

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Queen Flourish 07 September 2021

please delete my account and all my content, quotes/poems

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Queen Flourish 07 September 2021

delete my account, and content please

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Let those who're fond of idle tricks,
Of throwing stones, and hurling bricks,
And all that sort of fun,
Now hear a tale of idle Jim,
That warning they may take by him,
Nor do as he has done.

In harmless sport or healthful play
He did not pass his time away,
Nor took his pleasure in it;
For mischief was his only joy:
No book, or work, or even toy,
Could please him for a minute.

A neighbour's house he'd slyly pass,
And throw a stone to break the glass,
And then enjoy the joke!
Or, if a window open stood,
He'd throw in stones, or bits of wood,
To frighten all the folk.

If travellers passing chanced to stay,
Of idle Jim to ask the way,
He never told them right;
And then, quite harden'd in his sin,
Rejoiced to see them taken in,
And laugh'd with all his might.

He'd tie a string across the street,
Just to entangle people's feet,


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