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Girish Goiric is a prominent poet, editor, translator and organiser. He was born in Bangladesh on 15 August 1987. He started writing at a very early age when he was around 5 years old. When he was studying in school, he made an impression by reading Ramayana, an epic by Valmiki, and Mahabharata, an epic by Krishna-Dwaipayan Vyasa, at the young age.

Till now, four of his Bengali poetry books have been published titled Khudharto Dhaner Namta (2016) , Ma Adiporbo (2017) , Dom (2018) and Meditationguccho (2020) . He's edited a collection of interviews of Bangladesh's famous poet, Nirmalendu Goon, named Boithok Khanai Nirmalendu Goon (2020) .

He has founded a multilingual international online literary magazine named Poem Vein ( . He's the editor and publisher of this magazine. He's also a general editor of Bangladesh Kobita Moncho, a notable organisation of Bangladeshi poets.

In 2018, Nabangkur arranged a solo poetry reading session of him at a historical place of Kolkata, College Street Coffee House. Also, his first solo poetry reading session was organised by Hrithibeeroth in 2017 in Bangladesh. He gave a speech at Banipur Art Society and Institute of Culture, India. He attended several literary festivals at home and abroad, including SAARC Literature Festival.

He studied B. Com and M. Com in Accounting at National University, Bangladesh. After changing several jobs, he found his passion in journalism. Currently, he's working at a popular national daily newspaper of Bangladesh, The Daily Janakantha.

His poems have been translated into numerous languages and published in the famous literary newspapers of Russia, Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, England, India, Maldives, Nepal, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, and many more.

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The Poet

Every dawn, you open your shoes for going down
The fogs disappear as soon as the sun sheds light
On twilight, a black and a white cat purr all of a sudden

Again at dawn, the two cats meow before you open your shoes
You assume that the differences between the two cats are a day and a night
The meow sound--- world's chaos, an eternal friend of silence

One day, you will stop walking barefoot on this earth
The civilization will be counted from your footsteps
How old are you? How much pain have you suffered?
When your child is dying, why your wife's tear has rolled through her forehead
The civilization will unfold those stories
By mapping your footsteps

But, the poets who show their middle finger to the civilization
And walk through the earth with shoes on
How will civilization calculate their histories?

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