Ian Jobst

Rookie - 148 Points (October 14,1999 / Oxford)

Ian Jobst Poems

1. Avalonian Pyre 12/3/2013
2. New Tactics 12/16/2013
3. My Nefarious Love 1/10/2014
4. Humanity 2/4/2014
5. Silenced Flame 2/14/2014
6. Love Flutter 2/27/2014
7. Poetic Justice 2/27/2014
8. The End Game 4/17/2014
9. Know 4/17/2014
10. The Soldier 4/17/2014
11. I'M Going To Testify To 4/28/2014
12. Inception 5/5/2014
13. Untitled- Sonnet 5/5/2014
14. Et Tu Brute 5/6/2015
15. Waste 5/8/2015
16. Dispatched 5/8/2015
17. I Bid Thee Ado 5/8/2015
18. Løve 5/12/2015
19. The Pensive Page 9/14/2015
20. Eighteen Moons 5/23/2013
21. Lullaby Of A Sleepless Love 5/23/2013
22. A Proud Lullaby 5/23/2013
23. The Tale Of Me 9/30/2013
24. Ostracization Of A Troglodyte 11/26/2013
25. Embers Of The Final Ressurection 7/27/2013
26. The Truths Of Fire 6/30/2013
27. On The Field Of Battle 5/23/2013
28. A Beautiful Redemption 5/23/2013
29. An Ode To The Day Of Lightless Fire 9-11 9/17/2013
30. Immortal Tears 7/5/2013
31. The Path Less Taken- Sonnet 5/23/2013
32. The Cripple Who Is Whole 7/27/2013
Best Poem of Ian Jobst

The Path Less Taken- Sonnet

Great primordial hearken unto me,
My task’s not done, yet cannot be so,
I shall travel this road until I’m free,
I must reap by the seeds, of which I grow,
Tempted shall I be by both vain and greed,
I shall be received by my heart’s desire,
I shan’t ever follow, but always lead
For none can extinguish, my hearts fire
I preside over a kingdom of one
O’ Many drop by, but they seldom stay
I’ll kindly reign till my days are done
I shall lighten hearts until the last day
And so whenever your heart feels hollow,
Never succumb, just trust me and follow

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On The Field Of Battle

I awoke to a bloodstained sky
on this day I twould surely die
I donned my helm, and sword, and wooden shield
and with this step my fate was sealed
as I stepped from my pavilion tent
I beheld a sight so gruesome my heart was rent
of all my men only half survive
most felled by bow, or spear, or deadly knive
my job was to recapture the siege

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