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A Poet's Confessions Vi (Lethal Truths, Covered Lies) - Poem by Compton Wright

Uncovered secrets that are molded over the lies that grows the pain that will be inflicted
By so many others if I ever spoke it to my love ones and friends as fear clouds my judgment
Causing me to see what they want to see with the shades I provide them when seeing me
Making them invisible of the darkening aura from constant lying I have done my years of life
They said that the truth will set you free? ! How is that possible? If some truths should be kept!
What if the truth that I would tell about myself to my lover would cause her to hate me for it?
So I'm conflicted by my confessions I have told on a sheet of paper and finally seen the man I was
The man in the mirror that kept letting me tell these lies and allowing him to tell me that it's all fine
Knowing that I'm pushing them in quicksand to sink slowly to their death of ever knowing my true self
Why allow them to know? ! They look at me with such love and care nowadays…why loses that now? !

Sometimes the lies stresses my soul but with good reason too I should be punished for doing so but
That's the curse I hold upon myself while trying to hide my past demons and nightmares from myself
Always trying to better and evolve into the best man possible so I can make any woman happy when
They think of a good man willing to make them feel loved and respected but yet they want the past
The fears that carry with the stories I've told from the last relationship to another it's like why bother? !
What if you walk away too? ! Than you become part of that story for another woman to hear my sadness
While bending the truths of what really went down making me sound I'm a strong man from within but
I always become broken and shattered into pieces as the shards of my heart hit the pavement rapidly
A part of me dies inside and the bitterness becomes grown to replace the pieces that were cracked
Thinking that no one deserves my love, trust or respect if all they will do is just leave me dead inside

While I run around this world with the sheer madness of the young phenomenon within the mindset
Thinking there is no such thing as love within this man called Compton Wright but only dishonor as
The manipulations of others is what I'm learning to do and enjoy others to see what they'll do just
To see my happiness but only impressing the mask of disguise that perfectly became my face now
As family and friends never see the real emotion that I show anymore but a face full of emotional lies
And for whoever can see through the mask and is willing to see the ugly truths about my souls' sins
That still stays to love this human being that looks upon as a god's golden child but I know that's my
Persona is more like Satan's angel preying on the heart's purity and blinding their judgment with pain
Then I shall keep you as closest to my heart and tried to cure your wounds with pure honesty and truth

While I let my lethal truths never surface and submerge for all to see of what it could be but only to
Let it be covered with the twisted lies with hints of truths hoping for some of you to help me please
The cry of desperation to have a chance of forgiveness and salvation for my wrong doings as once again
If you don't confess your dark secrets or demons than they will continue to haunt you towards death
Following you in your dreams and transforming them into nightmares, tearing up your insight of others
Attacking you with sheer depression than finally when you finally fold and fall into defeat itself than…
Your fears has won the fight and you became its puppet and you join me into this path that I carved
Walking through the darkness for days only to become blinded with our own lies and speak only lies
The sorrowing fate that we face if we continue to do it ourselves but only if you don't shown upon
All of your confessions while I laid out to you all just like how I laid out my own Poet's Confession

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