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Silver Star - 3,399 Points (May 25th,1995)

Aim.Snap.Fall. - Poem by Crow thepoet

the quick injection upon this skin worn like a shield
for the target aim portrayed snaps like two twigs
and falls like a toddler in full sprint
go the words meant to say, go the good intent
since in creeps the thought:
'Why write down a single sentence when fleeting romance
seems to be the only relate-able influential subject? '
So here, let the answer stem from the bravado of a man
whose lost his
let the answer stem from a secret, passionate monologue
maybe only one will read
but at least that one will know how I feel...
Amid last night, amongst a trail of complex questions
stood out one a comrade relayed to me
'Why are there women studies and not men studies? '
I won't win any awards with my response
in honesty, I expect scorn in my mailbox
but this is just the opinion of one man
though can you honestly tell me
the history of the world isn't about
us men using violence and false intellect
to make choices and influences around the world
Here, let me confess
us, men, we have a backwards superiority complex
like we're the bravest and strongest
that we're invincible, noble, can take on the world
and stand tall at the end
that we're champion gladiators, the world our arena
that bathing in blood is our ultimate heaven
though we fail to admit that anything outside ourselves
is what does us in
that the very bravado and pride are what make us the most vulnerable
that the very words we say, we fall victim to
a double edged sword piercing through our eyes
etched with burning lies we're so blind to
But honestly why would you listen to the ramblings
of a lonely peasant still trying to find subtle ways to
please and de-throne his heart-breaker
so Mother Aphrodite, here, I'll only speak to you
since I know you'll never ignore me
Mother my dear, would like to hear a quote to know my deepest fear
or I could just skip straight to the point
since every dollar to my name goes to the useless effort
to put a smile upon my face
Tell me Mother, how much does it mean to you
to have that small moment of polite open-hearted conversation
Aphrodite, please speak to me
I know why I shout it but I don't know why I expect an answer
you were never real to begin with...
My biggest fear doomed to spill is running nowhere
to this cliff where I witnessed your death
your stomach now a rope pouring from an open gash
the size of a cave entrance where I lay my head
in hopes you'll hang me by your heartstrings
since I failed to save you, calling myself Superman
when my very kryptonite was calling myself a hero in the first place
To put it bluntly, my biggest fear is blowing a chance
to save a soul when all it took was a small moment of topic changes
when all it took was a moment not belonging to myself
a moment of sincere compassion to save a life
instead of looking at this pinwheel in autumn wind spinning
from a distance
clueless on why it's my very name being cursed upon their lips
when I did nothing wrong
though in pure reality, in a sense their life rested upon me
turning my stomach inside out as the truth becomes jumbled mush
I just can't keep down
What, you still don't understand?
Well here, let me tear your heart at the seams
maybe then you'll know how I feel
well here, let me give you a copy of my life entitled Sankarea
so you can understand how much 6 hours of film changed my life
so you can understand how much
a girl having to die to feel completely alive...
Mother Aphrodite....
I know I said you'd never ignore me
I know I said you'd never leave me
but if you're real and can hear me clearly
please, can you just leave me alone for today...

Topic(s) of this poem: love and art, love and life, opinion, passion, rant

Form: Prose Poem

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