An Autumn Walk from Cardeness Castle To The Harbor And Back Along The River Fleet Poem by john (called jack) wren

An Autumn Walk from Cardeness Castle To The Harbor And Back Along The River Fleet

Wandering along with genteel zeal
The little track my feet did feel,
Though made of plain and simple things
To those who walk what joy it brings,
Leaves lie where they are cast, and
Mark the pride of Summer past,
In a carpet of colour loosely fit
Moving as the wind starts to fidget
To be lifted, then shook like a sheet
Only to drop again at my feet.
At the harbour away from the noise
I bathe in the peace this spot enjoys
As the Fleet quietly goes on its way
Towards the castle, and into the bay;
Trembling in tandem in the fold
Threadbare trees stand stark and cold
With only a veneer of ivied leaf
Covering their bones to bring relief;
Hollow cheeked berries hang in despair
As blackbirds look, then fly elsewhere.
And a robin with his chest on fire
Brightens up the barren briar.

Morning's game of hide and seek
Begins with probing of the beak
From blue tits, tails to the sun
Catching those who fail to run,
Yellow hammer's brighten up the scene
Dressed in buttercup gabardines.
While field mice fidget, ill at ease,
When young have appetites to appease;
A song thrush studies the laid out scene,
And dreams of things that might have been
Like having more time to sing away
If Summer had booked a longer stay;
Welcome seats of rest for those who tire,
Or those who merely perspire, are
Gratefully accepted with delight
For to pass them by would be impolite;
Proudly spanning a tidal stream
A stout wooden bridge stands supreme
From where one can admire the view
Of a flying arrow of iridescent blue,
Speeding with haste above the tide
Searching out who are slow to hide.

A wren lingers in silence alone
A wee orphan without a home
It prays that winter will be kind
And not the usual daily grind.
The journey ends with the castle in sight
Where squirrels at play tend to excite,
Romping about in sweet innocence
Adding beauty to the walks ambience.
Thoughts and observations
From an Autumn walk.
Where branches have been pruned
With the best of eye,
To allow wanderers to pass by
And saunter at will along the track
From the Castle to the Harbour and back.
I salute this walk, it's dear to me,
The Fleet, the Castle, every bird and tree.

Monday, July 26, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: nature walks
a regular walk with my pem corgies when living in Gatehouse-of-Fleet a place dear to my heart
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