Rating: 4.6

Perhaps it was the light
she found so irresistible,
or the bold Moroccan colors
or the spectacular 270 degree view.

She discovered it quite by accident
one bright spring morning
clinging ridiculously
to the edge of the cliff -
1 Old Mountain Road.

She fell in love with it
immediately, obsessively
and resolved to buy it
and live in it forever and ever.

She stalked her house for weeks,
visiting it each morning,
and checking it out online
(it was currently a B and B)

And when the asking price
proved way beyond
her meager resources,
she dreamed of loans...

Then one day she heard –
quite by chance -
that Cliffside had sold
(for twice what she could afford) .

And all of a sudden
she couldn’t understand
why she had needed
that house and that dream so desperately!

A few months later
she found out why.
The love of her life had found his muse -
an ether love that took his breath away.

But this all happened years ago…
and today, Cliffside is but a distant memory
and the love of her life
is snoring beside her.

Gregory Gunn 08 March 2008

What a delightful story, Allie. Yes, good ole reliable kismet comes shining through once more, or perhaps it's just that good things happen to good people. In any event, I thoroughly relished this piece. A votre santé, Greg

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Another beautiful insight into Allie-life. And Js snoring. :) t x

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delilah contrapunctal 07 March 2008

Ah, Allie.....with your brush-of-many-colors you've fashioned another lovely and many-textured painting.........again, superbly crafted by a dear woman who knows just which dreams to treasure........ love to you and to your love, too.......Dxxxx

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David Harris 07 March 2008

Allie, another wonderful story from the rich vein of your life. Loved the ending lines. Vera is always accusing me of snoring. Another gem to add to your collection. Beautiful poem, loved every word of it. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David xxx

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Original Unknown Girl 07 March 2008

Ha ha... just read FJR's comments, think he's been reading my mind! HG: -) xx

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David Desantis 09 April 2008

hahah you really have a knack for telling an interesting story. This is great stuff

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Andrew Blakemore 22 March 2008

What a beautiful poetical story. I really enjoyed reading this. Love Andrew

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Roger Cornish 17 March 2008

I like this! Wonderful story Alli.... and the 'Real Estate' of a lover sleeping beside you... Well.... what price to mortgage true love? Rx

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Duncan Wyllie 13 March 2008

Thankyou Alison for this fine poem, and, I too, congradulate you on your entrance of the OWATW book Applaud! ! ! Love duncan X

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Gregory Gunn 08 March 2008

Oh, I nearly forgot to congratulate you on your 'Tangled Web' inclusion. Good show, Ms. Cassidy. Hear you're among fine company.; >)

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