Belinda Nelson

Constant Upset Stomach - Poem by Belinda Nelson

Constant upset stomach when will I be
Some diseased lover
Telephone wire tight-rope walking
Drunkenly publicized to pals
Of some cigarette singed throat
In revolution of his flustered soul of twenty two

'Da-dadada-dadada-dadada' - in violent vicious prose
Wallow in willow seas of salt woe is he must be

Shoving his meaty opinions down my throat
That book reading liberal that can't finish a book
Living the existentialist night on Frankie's furniture
Whose girlfriend plays pong
When she's not living
Like a 50's cul-de-sac housewife

Constant upset stomach why did I rest without fight?
Spat out like a cork writing word upon word
About some westernizing girl giddily waving her rebel flag
I settled inside - with her fingernail vandalizing vanity set
That held a finger inside her cheek to pop me out when she was done
With my thought disgusted with my speech

I became so northern and foreign overnight
When I was pre-expiration at the shop she stole from

To that girl who tripped me up on my tipsy toes
So lightly on each of her pretty little tippy toes
Reaching under my pillow at night in acid dance
Viciously singing to herself 'Da-dadada-dadada-dadada!
Over and over, over, over and over, over again!

Hippie-crack brain zapped I continue to scream
'Why are you still yelling at me; I am still loyal to you! '

Some are kinder than others lights softer than others
Like water is softer in other backyards of Virginia that aren't mine

Constant upset stomach one day I'll have to be
That cooing rainforest bird I used to awe
When I am not busy anymore being burned by car cigar lighters
By the clumsy shaking hands of all my family's mug shots
Until I'll have to be that once cooing rainforest bird
When I am human again and in my mind

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 12, 2012

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