T. (no first name) Wignesan

Corpus - Poem by T. (no first name) Wignesan


in words
coloured structures
tones movements
all the multifarious ways of being savvy earnest
of show-looking in earnest
of believing in earnestness
of wanting to be thought of in earnest
by being read thumbed
scrutinised listened to in silence

who shores up whose image

« when the feeling comes, I feel the need to go » …
Sekoto said
looking into the guest with devouring Picasso eyes

and yet his image bothered him
his need to be felt useful needed
to be thought of as in the know
no background to lay the usual foundation
Ecole des Beaux Arts
Atelier in the Rue des Augustins
no one to lean on to
only the self-peddled jazz piano a lolling pittance
and the loud lingering death at the Maison des Artistes
canvasses stached away at some brocanteur's junkyard

it matters to leave behind a corpus
a bibliography firsthand original right from the tréfonds
long before death
the diurnal deaths
felled by dizzy spells

some ex-librarian's list of secondary source pieces
articles talks opening-day speeches conferences radio-interviews
tv declarations chapters-in-books edited revised - editions reviews biblios
tertiary lists of critiques
unsigned TLS reviews communications
what the editor said in memoirs of his peers

not to have said enough is not enough

there will be those who will attribute what others have said to us

we have made provision for that
we told so and so what the others have taken from us
with a word carefully placed in the leeward of the ear
while sitting in the din of the rear seat words garbled gobbled by the exhaust beat

to have left behind a load
heavy with prizes pounds royalties titles
by the dozens even scores
definitive recapulative editions in velours

computerised translations transvesti(t) es

through years of solitude sans sexe sans joie sans care may the publisher be

forever loading to jettison
the heavier the corpus the longer/longslower
the worm rot in the
mud catacombs of staring accusing

From the privately-pub. coll. (rev.2016) : longhand notes (a binding of poems) , Paris: 1999,115p.

© T.Wignesan - Paris
Fresnes, November 6,1994

Topic(s) of this poem: celebrity

Form: Free Verse

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