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Ducks On A Gray Day

Rating: 3.0

I heard a honking in the air.
I looked from left to right out there,
And there was not a source to see.

With puzzled brow I looked about.
The stream was on its constant route,
And flowed beneath the wooden bridge.

For I forgot that ducks can fly,
And there they were up in the sky.

As I looked up, they drifted by.
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Part of my ongoing fascination with nature.
Sj Holland 29 July 2013

@Khairul Ahsan I appreciate you taking time to comment. So many don't. We just have so little time in this world. So busy. Schedules so tight. It's true. My perception when I am inspired to write verse is distilled almost to the essence. And how nice of you to mention my other visitors.

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Khairul Ahsan 29 July 2013

Short and nice, and full! You have a way of seeing things beautiful, and describing them with the least of words. I like it, your frugality of words and vast vision. A word of appreciation here for the nice comments of Patricia and Dorothy too.

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 15 July 2013

An early morning delight for me to read...teased my senses. Thank you for commenting on my poem Roses Would love to read your blog. I also have a blog but have not posted on it lately. Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Sj Holland 11 July 2013

Thanks, Patricia. I think ducks do do that all day, when they're not walking or flying :)

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Patricia Grantham 08 July 2013

Very nice poem Joyce. I just love to see ducks as they float across the pond. They float easily they look that like they do that all day. If they have wings they can fly. Loved this one. Please read my poem if i can fly.

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