Ethical Religion Instead Of Supernatural Based Religion Poem by Ian (John) McCleary (Son of the Cleric)

Ethical Religion Instead Of Supernatural Based Religion

I should never forget the times when I was a single man and pining for love; and being aware that no woman online, no matter how beautiful they were, could satisfy completely the longing I had for a real relationship with a woman my age and off line.
Though I am not a part of the Catholic faith anymore, the Catechesis, or an explanation of the churches teachings, still has a lot of good practical advice for relationships. Especially the things men need in order to form meaningful relationships with others. The churches stance on pornography and marital infidelity 'cheating', makes sense to me. Those two things are what destroy a marriage and the trust between two people.
As for premarital sex, if it is a sin, then I made a mistake and was acting on the impulse while knowing it was wrong.
What is in the past cannot be redone. The problem should not be the issue of when a person has sex but about what each person's intentions are.
This may be why I lean toward the ideas of secular humanism which separates ethical behavior from religion. My first discovery of it were in the writings of Thomas Paine when I read the first chapters of his Age of Reason. Religious teachings are usually combined with some type of folk tale, which is not exclusive to any one religious system. Paine was often wrongly called by his contemporaries an athiest, but clearly wasn't one
if his beliefs were explored more in the pamphlet.
I also lean toward the ideas of Secular Humanism, because of the fanatical nature of our age.
Especially with the ongoing culture wars in this country, between political conservatives and liberals. Secular humanism and it's core principle that of exercising our free use of reason, is so necessary if the country is going to get better in the future.
There was a time I was scared of hell everyday and end time prophecy especially back in 2016 and the rise of Trump and the NWO conspiracy theory. It becomes clearer to me why there was nothing wrong with my critical thinking abilities when I started to think instead of take my seat on a church bench.

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