Thabang SenoshaMashakane

Heartless Brothers - Poem by Thabang SenoshaMashakane

Who is this Future everyone talks about?
They have been talking about him since I was born
Good things all the time

I hope the world see you for who you are
I am yet to meet you
And tell you about the Past
Your heartless brother who have no mercy

Looking at him reminds me of sorrow
From the Past born of pain I looked to you for comfort
You never took time to give me your ear
Yet you destroyed so many of my people everyday

You kept taking my beloved people
All gone!
In the hopes of one day living their dreams
Dreams based on nothing but hope

Future give back the souls you stole!
Earth spit up the children you swallowed!
I heard God weeping, tears rolling down causing Tsunamis
Emitting words too heavy for my ears to hear
Crying for the children of Africa

He created the world, we created continents
He created land we created borders
All cause of pleasing Future, the invisible bum
Now we fight each other for the 'better Future'

The unseen goddess who care not for mortals
What I know now is I will meet you Future
But I won't have time to tell you what you done
Cause the day I meet you the Son of Man
Will be by my side to take me home

Where there is no lies about you
Where there is no tomorrow
Without tomorrow there is no you Future
Without tomorrow there is no you Past
Only me and the present

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poem Edited: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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