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Just Like Oil - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Well crafted, madness, sat and rationed, plastered on
For I'm told, normal roads, tore the souls
That's passing…
In the valley of the shadow
That has longed to
Grab us
Just like oil, slighted toil, all it's holds had vanish…
No matter how strong
The counter act's bold
I told you
That flak is wack thing…
I'd rather get goals, the tactics exposed, you blown
And timed last like a track meet
Extravagance sown…
In hope that it grows but, no, that grass had some bad seeds
Focused on the sad past of black teen
Only so you have trash to try to
Catch me…
Mad theme, play competitions, I'm laughing now
But that weak made great
I see, the serpent sending plots to try to stop, manipulate my words
As a block to try to box me
So I'm laughing…
I ain't acting on it… 'since I know the bastards backwards
Wonder am I lying? Yea, by telling you
You actually have it…
Broken masks and choked bags, smell of rancid cabbage
Open flasks with no alk
Evil less than
I got some sticks and twigs and built me a shelter, and if I didn't get the answers
It would still be together
I've learned
Evil people come in packs, full of persecutors
And they ain't got to know you, they just want a turn to shoo you
Never will I let you get the satisfaction
Wicked person…
You in the Bible but, you absent, so don't get the verses
Everything is laughter to a fool
Trying to mock the
Like the Scripture isn’t true, like the villain isn't you, like the strife and all derision
Ain't condition to your views
Fight against His chosen Ones, harm anointed
Witnessed, cool…
But I promise, where you are, from that position you won't move…
Small minds and smaller hearts in the coldest
Tragedies, low smarts, bold, for ties below the waist
Mind of dark restriction
Cards that's
Demons in the spirit, holding weapons, shooting darts, screaming 'Move the mirrors! '
And ain't about a soul's position, really, you the nearest
To the lower room
But don't get it 'cause your rules are earless
But the Truth is fearless
Stationed above
Without the Father, and the truthful hearers, can't really, what?
A silly bunch, attacking for some happiness
Satanic witches…
Ain't just women but can be an evil man in sin
I have to stay prayed up
Voodoo magic
Got to keep the Bible open, I ain't trying to trash commends
As they hope the passion ends
Sadly disappointed…
Forever childishhhh, petty, but ain't mis-appointed
'Cause it's the wildestttt
It's heavy…
When the wicked join in, bringing many wiles, but I'm ready
Stationed with the Sword here…
Like oil…
You may try and nothing stick to me
You probably pause me for a second but can't get to me
Until the day I'm up in heaven
I'll be in the scene
Exposing all the evil in my presence like the Scripture reads
All I know is telling truth
This is victory! I started from ail, through hell with you
But you been defeated!
A long time ago
Society just fixed in treason, I don't fear the worst that it could do to me
Forget the legion! Of the demons within side
Some minds...
Though it hurts that I can't help to free their eyes sometimes
The cost of truth… and call me what you please
I'm falter proof!
Never argue with the wicked, you can't win a fault with fools!

Just like oil…
Whatever you say…
Whatever you do…
Just slip off
I'm sending prayers up for you all
I love you and pray blessings upon your lives
Hopefully, you find what Brings you peace

Thank the Lord up above
Child, it's just like oil

Bring it on

Topic(s) of this poem: truth

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