Love Note 495

A very good afternoon
to you my sweet love
and as I sit here watching
my film I dream of you wishing
you could be here beside me
arm in arm,
I know you'd enjoy this movie
Serenity because it is so very good.
I just wish you were here
to kiss and spend time
being able to see your sweet smile
and joy in your eyes.
I just long to be able
to relax with my Angel
forgetting the world
and all of its stresses,
so I send you all of these
sweet tender kisses to tell you
that you are so loved
and you are the greatest.

As I dream of you though
I can feel your love surrounding me
and that helps keep me warm
with your divine glowing charm,
I adore you for just who you are
and that's why you're my Angel
because you're so loving and kind.
So I send you all of my strength
and loving warmth to wrap
and fill you up.
Be filled with peace and know
I am with you and yours alone
forevermore because I love you so much
my sweet blessed Queen.

Love Note 495
Friday, August 5, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: true love
I love you tons and tons sweet Kira and can feel all of your love as well. So soon my sweet darling, please so soon. I love you so much my sweet Angel Queen. ILYF