My Hand In Yours 2 Poem by Michael P. McParland

My Hand In Yours 2

I reach out to take your hand in mine
because you are my best friend
who I love with all my soul and heart,
you are the only one I'll ever need and want
because you are an Angel so beautiful
and full of endless loving light.
I'm reaching out to take your hand in mine
so you'll know without a doubt
you'll never ever be alone again.

I will forever take your hand in mine
because I want to be your Angel hero
just as you are mine.
I want you to know I'll always be
right by your side to turn to whenever
you may be in need of anything at any time.
I'm taking your hand in mine to give you warmth
and let you know I'm right here for you
through all time and never wavering in any way.

I love you Kira I so pray you feel and see,
I would give my life for you if that
was what you needed of me.
I would take on all of your pains
and carry them myself so you could be free of them.
I'd give everything I have including
my whole life to be with you just one day and night.
I love you babe and reach out to take your hand
because you are appreciated and I want
to be the King to my sweet Queen as well as
your forever man.
I take your hand in mine to pull you into me.

So feel my hand within yours as I reach out
to hold and kiss it now.
feel my arms around you as I pull you in
for the biggest loving hug.
I love you so very much and send you endless smiles,
just close your sparkling eyes and see it
along with all my loving looks for you.
I love you Kira you truly are a blessed Angel
so feel my hand in yours as I reach out
to give you comfort,
I promise I'll forever be with you
because my love for you is infinite and unconditional.
I love you babe and will forever be your Michael
so please have faith in that and give me sweet smiles
and deep kisses in return as I take your hand.

My Hand In Yours 2
Saturday, May 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: kiss,snuggle,true love,best friend
Don't feel as if you're alone sweet Kira because you're not. I'm always with you in spirit and right here ready for when you are. I love you baby you are my everything, so feel my hand in yours to give you deep comfort and feel all of my warmth and love as I send you all my strength with sweet kisses in the tons. I truly love you dear and I always will. ILYF
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