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My Own Life's Quotes To Live By - December - Poem by Seema Chowdhury

1) Strength and Weaknesses
Break down the walls and gain your own acceptance. Draw a road map where you want to go and see how you can do things better. Understand your strength and weakness. Fix your life before it breaks. Don't hide back here and know that tomorrow will be a better day. If life is too fast, don't stop, just change to a slower lane. Be strong and use your strength to create a happy memory to live with.

2) Wrestling Thoughts
Make peace with your wrestling thoughts and be contented with the boundaries of your life. Work in the silence dark and venture into a brave new world. Remember that things happen the way they are supposed to be, so be grateful for the small miracles you see in life. Trust yourself and walk along the same path with a peaceful view. Just concentrate and understand the rhythm and pattern of your life so you can stop wrestling with your thoughts and make peace with the boundaries of your life.

3) Door of Hope
Cling to your ideas and belief and define yourself. Look carefully at the chain of events and know you still have options. Don't let your soul wound badly, hang on to hope. If life feels too crowded, then map out a logical sequence and know that God is watching over you. Search for the door of hope around you and sit quietly for few moments. Then get ready to break down the walls and make way for you through the door of hope.

4) Rhythm and Pattern of Life
Everyone's life has its own rhythm and pattern. So shape up and share life's pain and tears. Learn to relate with the outside world and don't be stuck with uncertain feelings. Walk slowly towards life and enjoy the gentle breeze. Give sometime to yourself and lit up your light. Be quiet for few moments and learn to recognize your rhythm and own pattern of life to illuminate yourself and your surroundings.

5) Simplify Your Life
Face the real world and accept life's challenges. Don't just sit alone in darkness, look for positive twists and savor the memories. Start your journey and drive from darkness to light. Fill the gap in time and accept reality so you can move on. Clear clutters of painful memories and bury them deep, so you can make life simple and have time to heal. Bring the magic of love and smile to minimize the jerks from driving over the potholes and cracks on twisty curves called life.

6) Back Door of Life
Don't shut all the doors, just leave back door of your life open, so faith can find a way to crawl in and bring hope along. Catch the rhythm of life a d pay attention to the things that are not there but are there. Make good choices and give yourself a chance to enjoy a calmer and a better time. Move forward and pause for few moments, so your bruised soul can catchup with the vibrant feelings. Put an honest look at your life and listen carefully to the knock of faith on your back door of life.

7) Take Happiness Challenge
On Your list of priorities, add one more task- To take happiness challenge, because there is nothing to lose. Remember the golden rule of life is to be aware of your life. Power oil of hope in your lamp and walk towards life. Look fear in the face and search the opportunities that are stretch before you. Life is an ever expanding journey, so take few moments to reflect and then accept happiness challenge to win back sunshine for your life.

8) Newness of Spirit
Live by your values and words and bring your belief to life. Go beyond your words and act upon them sincerely. Renew your spirit and savor the moments. Walk through the edge of time and enjoy the newness of your spirit. Have a thankful heart and whisper in God's ears. Save your soul with the light of faith, hope and love. Let faith grow and add a touch of smile in all you do. Let the warm rays engross your soul and renew your spirit.

9) Carry Hope Along
Our mind run through an endless loop of worries and fear. So remember to carry hope along to face calamities of life. Look for Divine love and miraculous change. If you feel trapped in the tidal wave of pain, then let it all out so you can find peace. Shift your perspective and weigh your choices carefully. Don't let the negative impact of past events to drag you down. Throw them away and carry hope along for tomorrow, because you'll surely need it.

10) 'aha 'Moment in Life
Don't let few crucial moments set sad tone for the rest of your day. Stop and reflect on what really matters to you. Brighten your life with warm smile of care and search for your 'aha' moment. Clarify your feelings so you can have a strong grip on your pain. Crow a happy tune so you can see fear fading into oblivion. Don't travel back in time or walk backwards. Just remember to give yourself time to unwind, so you can find your 'aha' moment to cope with faith.

11) The Dawn Will Break
When adversity strikes hard, just pause and shed some tears in private so you can move on. Life at times can be difficult but remember that our faith can help us to get through. Don't be like a loose cannon that can burn all the bridges of hope. Discover your wings and read your life's story with fresh eyes so You can adjust your pace to walk on for no matter how dark it is tonight, the dawn will certainly break.

12) Shared Sorrow
In dismal dark, try to get a grip on your pain and warm up your life. Let it all out and find a friend to share your tears with. Pour it all out for it helps us to sort things out and deal with tricky situations. Don't let conflicting emotions stop you from taking that first step that can mend you. If you feel your soul is cracked or broken, then give it time to heal. If you need comforting words or a hand to hold, don't be afraid to ask. Open up and let it all out, because sorrow will only disappear if you will pour your heart out and feel light enough to fly.

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