None Poem by Saumya xoxo


Rating: 5.0

You strutted in front of us with a lurid façade of pride.
You strutted in front of us wearing that sickly, brute smile.
We all knew the colours that shone from it -
Arrogance, heinousness, heedlessness.
The black aura emitted from you,
While the angry beast hid behind the smile.

‘Behave yourself! ' you said.
We behaved ourselves.
We behaved ourselves when the sharp gale pierced into our skin.
We behaved ourselves when the blistering heat skinned our bare soles.
We behaved ourselves when we stared at our bare plates,
wishing for just a piece of bread.

You looked at our skin in disgust,
Thinking what a piece of affront!
Why couldn't you see the richness of this darkness?
The purity that lays beneath it,
Ready to prove its worth.
The adeptness that lays in our hearts,
Ready to change the world.
You killed the innocents instead of seeking the gems,
That lay beneath that skin

Did that make you happy?
Snatching the light from those eyes,
While shooting them down.
Did that make you glad?
Hearing their screams for mercy
While they cried blood.

You are apologising now?
For the lights that you snatched from the innocent eyes?
For the slaves that you marked?
For the young black girls, you raped?
If you are,
I'm sorry my dear,
but your apologies are next to none

- Saumya <3

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