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Oh, How I Love You

Rating: 4.6

We search each other's eyes
For depth of thought.
We find feelings, real feelings
Of deep, warm love,
Never dying,
But always trying to break free,
To come forth
And be the dream
Of me and you come true.
Oh, how I love you.

Each is all that the other has ever wanted, if they can only let go.
Khairul Ahsan 22 July 2013

Eyes speak out the mind.

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Heather Wilkins 11 July 2013

a beautiful love poem. the eyes tells the story. please read and comment on mine sometime thanks

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Patricia Grantham 08 July 2013

A lovely poem Sandi. You do have a romantic way with words. The eyes alway tells it all. It is like a looking glass. Loved it.

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Clyde King 23 February 2021

Nice poem, Ms. Holland. We're on the same wavelength. Please see my poem "All I Ever Wanted"; The Unspoken"; Black Rain"

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Howard Savage 05 August 2016

Great poem with a profound exposing of one's self. Searching each other's eyes, great image of two people looking for love, finding it but unable to express that compassion. Great Romance poetry, I am not a romanticist, I just write what comes to my heart at that given moment.

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Howard Savage 07 June 2016

All I can say concerning this poem is simply beautiful.

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Howard Savage 11 January 2016

I love this poem for the softness and the honesty. great work.

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Sj Holland 03 June 2016

Thank you, Howard, for your kind comment. Most of my romance poems have this ethereal softness. Go figure, lol! This one I plan to use in bride/groom/wedding greetings and other products.

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Allotey Abossey 23 June 2015

Love is a beautiful thing...

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Sj Holland 23 June 2015

Thanks for reading, Allotey.

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