Alisha Faye

Self Destruct - Poem by Alisha Faye

This poem is pretty dark, so I want to give a disclaimer that there is hope! If you want to know where I found it, go ahead and message me. This is really just a representation of the immediate effects of sexual assault.

i hate you

you hurt me,
but i let you. why?

i should never have taken that drink
gotten in your car
taken off my clothes...

i told you no!
i told you i didn't want to
did you think i changed my mind?
that i was ok with it now?

Did i change my mind?
Was i ok with it?
i know i didn't want to
or at least after, i knew.
why didn't you know?

why won't you get out
and let me sleep at night?
it was my fault anyway
so why do i hate you?
why can't i erase you
Leave me now!

i want to tell
but i don't want to ruin your life
too bad for mine...
it's not your fault though
i let you

i didn't want to
but i let you
what does that make me?
i don't even want to think about it

why do they keep telling me
it's not my fault.
but it is...

i could have said no
i could have, but didn't

i hate me

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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