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Teaching Dance

Rating: 4.6

Today was perfect...
Bach's oboe
ribbons dancing
oranges and lemons

feet flying
faces bubbling
eager arms outstretched

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Duncan Wyllie 20 October 2006

This sounds wonderful, lifting the spirit and enabling the heart and mind to express emotion through the art of dance, just lovely Thankyou Alison for yet another great piece Love duncan XXX

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Nimal Dunuhinga 18 October 2006

A piece of dancing and I realized teaching is a tiresome job as everybody cannot dance? Good luck to the dancing teacher!

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a cleverly delightful poem, alison. i'm glad i spotted this.

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Jerry Hughes 16 October 2006

Will you make room for me, and my motorised walking frame? Ta muchly...

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You might love doing this, young lassie, but i'm s*** out of breath just readin' about it....lol! A physically inspiring slice of hope for the almost dead & buried...like me! Jack Lalane wouldn't have any AUSSIE blood in him, now would he? GREAT, INVENTIVE WORK, ALLIE! You are everso rapidly becoming PH's resident Diverse-a-VERSE QUEEN(a possible 1st Poetic Diva?) ''''''''''''''''FJR

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Castellenas John 10 April 2019

Wonderful poetry for the dance.

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Max Reif 24 June 2007

Your brief, colorful phrases create a picture of the whole thing, and take us there with you. And I love the way you break any pretense of a poet/reader barrier at the end!

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Stug Jordan 09 April 2007

This is great. It has shape and movement all over it, and you’ve done adagio beautifully. S x

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David Dennis 18 November 2006

What a great poem - so joyous. Thanks

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Patrick Ladbrooke 24 October 2006

So simple yet brilliantly effective. The words have it! Patrick xx

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