Z.I. Mahmud

The Friendship Of The Meen Prince And His Gratefulness - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Be grateful to others
They will help you
You will help them
This is the relation of friendship
Long long ago
One incident took place
Suddenly rain started to fall heavily and dauntlessly
It rained for several days
Then the flood occurred because of too much rainfall
The water of the ocean started to spread everywhere
Men, cows, goats, ducks, hens and all other animals started to drown
One fisherman's family, somehow managed a boat
They rode on the boat and started to float across the ocean
The friend, who saved the life of Meen prince was on that boat
He saved the Meen prince from the big Salmon fish
Seeing the hardship and danger of the boy
Meen prince rushed towards him
But the boy didn't recognize Meen prince
He could see a great Meen fish was carrying their boat
The rain stopped when they came at the river bank
The waves and tides of the ocean appeared to be small
Meen prince asked the boy
You will stay here with your father and mother
From now on, it is your village
The boy said You have done us a great favor
We cannot forget your favor and kindness
Who are you?
I am Meen prince
Remember, one day you saved my life from a big Salmon fish
Aren't you recognizing me?
No, actually there is no way of recognizing you
You were very small at that time
Now you have grown up
Even bigger than our boat
Your face has become more cute and sweet
You have many colours on your body
Red, blue, violet, yellow, pink, orange and more!
If you stay near us then it will be a great fun
I can enjoy with you
Will you stay with me?
No, it is impossible for me to stay with you
I must return to the Palace as I am now a king of the Ocean Kingdom
If you are in danger then please call me by my name
I will be there
Having said so the Meen prince went into the deep of the ocean
He went very far and far away..........

Sources: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Rongin Phool
Written by: : : Rahim Shah
Translated by: : : Z I Mahmud

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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