KesLea Howard

Rookie (1995-(along time ago))

The Story Of A Harlot - Poem by KesLea Howard

The Story of a Harlot

Only to satisfy their needs
She would beg and plead
Each and every time they'd go deep
But they wouldn't listen to her scream
She'd wake up every morning wishing the day before was a dream
She was so young and precious
Which to them they felt was more luscious
How they would rape her body was vicious
How they would look at her body and frame so curious
A slut, a whore
She was nothing more
She'd sit and stare out the window and watch men come through the door
And pierce through her till they reach the core
When over and done she'd lay on the floor
Day and night her body was for sale
Look in the mirror, she was dead, and pale
She would remind herself of her name, Jezebel
Bound to work on earth and Hell
They'd feed their lustful greed
But would never stop to see
Would never try to heed
She would take a shower and scrub with a wired sponge
Trying to scrape off the feeling of their tongues
But having the memory scared in her mind not forgetting at a point they were one
So every time they come she makes her body numb
One night stand
Man after man
But they never stop to understand
They come of their free will
And pay for a time of thrill
Her job is not to break families apart or take their hearts
But to search her way out the dark
But is chained to this life
As they come day and night
She learned not to deny or fight
Men, women, and Gods she begin to blame and hate
As the men lay and ejaculate
She stays in place
Waiting for the next
Using her body for sex
And to them she's not even human, she's less
She waits and there she lay
Another dark, burning day
Only just to pay her way

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