Wedding Divine Poem by Mohammad Younus

Wedding Divine

When my soul is wedded to divine, my incomplete life will become whole,
This wedding will create the fusion of my soul with my source divine,
A wedding that will hold me with my Lord infinitely,

Music and light will be performed when I take the wedding vow,
That will ensure the permanence of my wedding for rest of life,
The promise the divine will take from me to always be together with him,
Am I not your lord? My lord will ask me on my wedding ceremony,
Yes, my lord, I will say, nodding my head before Him,
I will never break my wedding covenant with my lord,

A wedding that is meant for me to be a special servant of my Lord,
Only through this wedding divine can I know myself better...
...and know my true relationship with my Lord,
Only the pure wedding to my Lord can bring smile on my face,
And only this wedding divine can make my life perfect and complete,

I have been waiting for this moment since long - it is going to arrive soon,
A moment that will keep me wedded perpetually... the remembrance of my Lord...
...for every second of my life onwards,
A moment for which I have been waiting so long,
A moment that will make me stay with my Lord for lifelong.


Wedding Divine
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