Albot George

Xo - Poem by Albot George

You ask if I was lost for words
Don’t you realize how your text
Made me feel,
You said take me away from all this! !
And that I am never going to help you! !
So I’ll never beg anymore? ?

How do you think that’s made me feel
It broke my heart, I actually sobbed for you
There has never been any other time
When I have wanted you in my arms as much

All the times that we have spent together
Have been some of the happiest and sexiest
And defining moments of my life
And I could never forget them
Every second I think of you, I love you so very, very much
And then starts the pain of loving
Someone likes you,
All because
That I can’t be the man you want
I hope one day you’ll know that in my heart
Was the truest love and a beautiful love

You must realize that you can’t carry on
Like this
You asked me to be the man you wanted
And to make the decision
And after the amount of time, we have been
Together you’ve been more than patient
And I have still let you down (SORRY
You’ve ask me to choose
I will always be a dad; I can’t see or seem to move away from that
It is who I am.

You could lose all you have,
So the words that are lost; and given from me
Should make what you have to do easier

Please forgive me if you think that
I have ever leaded you on
I never meant to,
And I am so much in love
I love you Lynn
As you close your eyes
My heart will always be with you
And never ever with anyone else
It’s never been a mistake
And the beautiful memories
Will stay with me forever
Whatever you decide to do

To truly love someone
Is beautiful
And I have always said
That you are
You are amazing

But it’s not making you happy
You shouldn’t put your body through the pain
It isn’t easy being drunk in love! ! ‘’nice beach?
Can be such a blow! !
Even heaven can be haunted,
She always seems to know
How we are feeling,
And she must have had a camera in the rooms
The album, could have being wrote for us
And I’m, not saying that for any reason
But it’s the only ever music that has made
Albert work, it’s beautiful, pink nice

I am missing you; I’m listing to her now
Dancing on my own
Hold on to me’
Night night babe
Always and forever

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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