Fred Rick Kesner

Fred Rick Kesner Poems

1. Set This Captive Free 2/12/2006
2. Song Of The Stars 2/11/2011
3. Joy Of Fading Memory 2/18/2011
4. Daring To Hope 5/18/2016
5. One Someday, Soon 5/26/2016
6. Dearest Friends 8/12/2016
7. Poetry Underground 8/19/2016
8. With Reckless Abandon 10/21/2016
9. Harvest Mooning 11/6/2016
10. Lights From Within The Hallowed Hall 2/7/2006
11. Bintuan 2/7/2006
12. Dubas Baeghe 2/7/2006
13. Valentinus The Worthy 2/13/2009
14. When 2/13/2009
15. Put Up Your Fight 9/24/2004
16. . Harvest (Bintuan Rice Fields) 3/29/2009

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. Harvest (Bintuan Rice Fields)


He hunched with sweat-drenched brow
his sickle lay beside uncut stalks
the insects droned toward blood
that trickled from the web of his hand
He quickly wrapped the wound -

Throughout the day he worked
the scent of ripened rice filled the air
against the threat of early rains
to gather and thresh the golden grain
Dreamless sleep his reward -

The sun shone low in the sky
the field now a barber's Number-2
the sound of children's play lit the air
smoke of the evening meal met the clouds
A cold drink soothes his ...

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Dubas Baeghe


`Dubas Baeghe Chronykles`
Den Kessner Kinder

My title need not be envied
nor your name be brought to shame.

My estate confined to a flower pot
While you're free to eat cheeseburgers.


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