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I am a professional writer. I have written more than 20 books. My field of interest is English poetry and fiction.

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Bell Time! Song

The school bell roars for a long time
We hear thousand cries in the meantime
A monster like sound can be heard
Kids come out of a building like insects
The parents, exhausted travelers, look toward
Their own flower or moon where she rests

Their faces reflect anxiety of the mother;
Whose children are lost one after another.
Soon many faces glitter as the snow crust
Many a moon like kids' eyes look in distrust
The traffic is jam as though traffic light is red
The little angels ran out with a piece of bread

The children come out like escaped prisoners
As though, they had long been imprisoned
Soon the sea of vehicles starts moving
It forms a long shadow behind looming
The populated garden comes under autumn
Now we can see there no more blossoms

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