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A Journey Through Oceanic Love...

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Please don't put me on flair
I fear, I might fall in despair.

Might not be, my efforts to cajole
Move evena bit within your soul
Still I believe, our love was not fool
To kneel down in front of silly brawl.

Please don't put me as an attire
Down, as the function retire.

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A Journey Through Oceanic Love...
Friday, December 11, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and art,love and friendship
I actually began with playing with the words of poet Mahtab Bangalee poem don't put me

I have seen the full expression of your love.
In the fragrance of tuberose that floated in the pure moonlight of the night,
In the vertical attraction of the song sung in silence,
And at the call of the twinkling eyes with the stars in the generous ground of the sky.

Please, don't put me in a nightmare.
I want to live alone with you.

Diving deep down in the ocean of love you find your lost love inly if you wish to have one. Love is not easy but to sustain love is not so very easy too. If you excel the art of love, you'll never fail. Only you need to remember, love never fails. Bible Corinthian 13: 4-8
Varsha M 25 December 2020

When i saw this poem i was reminded of oceanic woman written by Edward kofi Louis that was beautiful imagination swing?

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Kostas Lagos 11 December 2020

Wonderful poem. Sensitive yet passionate

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Rajnish Manga 11 December 2020

Please don't put me as an attire Down, as the function retire. I want to live with you everywhere.... //.... Yes, give and take is okay provided it is unconditional, unfettered and ensnared. Thanks a lot for this beautiful write.

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