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A Princess' Ordeal - Poem by Christian Lacdael

In a backward forgotten land,
Where magic was yielded by man,
Lived a princess who wasn't bland,
Yet she was ignored by her clan,
She often craved to hear a rant,
She tried everything that one can,
But soon learned she'd no confidant,
With which to talk and gallivant,
Had she had someone she'd have been,
Less adventurous and caprice,
And ready for dangers unseen,
So she could live her life in peace,
A wizard that'd been made a flea,
By a foe that he tried to fleece,
Craved to reclaim what used to be,
So that he could quell his envy,

He hijacked the princess's life,
By filling her head up with advice,
With the intent of causing strife,
But his sway could not quite suffice,
So he took control of her mind,
And used the girl like a device,
Then proved himself a mastermind,
By changing how some were inclined,
But before he could pose a threat,
His deed had an adverse effect,
Which rightfully caused him to fret,
As it could be seen as suspect,
Changes which were hard to accept,
Soon made the princess imperfect,
All wished her beauty could be kept,
And as a result many wept,

The king wanted a cure found quick,
So he sought a witch to enlist,
Who claimed that she could heal the sick,
And knew all spells that did exist,
The cause of the blight stayed secret,
As the witch had been dishonest,
Such failure was hard to permit,
So she was put in a casket,
The course of action seemed quite rash,
But it made the problem vanish,
Which then caused the king to act brash,
And plan something yet more fiendish,
Within a nearby dragon's crèche,
The princess was left to perish,
The king was sure she'd lose her flesh,
As the beasts craved meat that was fresh,

What happened next was lucky then,
As it dodged want for a weapon,
For the wizard changed back again,
The princess spewed without pardon,
As soon as her sickness had gone,
And a flea had become human,
She found her consciousness was won,
As she and the wizard weren't one,
Separate the pair were not on par,
The dragons favoured the mature,
What happened next was quite bizarre,
The sights seen were hard to endure,
As there was so much blood and gore,
And the princess felt doomed for sure,
She waited for what was in store,
As her chance of escape was poor,

Unforeseen the dragons fell ill,
Their guts slowly began to swell,
And in time their hearts became still,
One after another they fell,
She'd been certain worse was install,
Such as tortures worthy of hell,
Which even the wicked appal,
So clearly it was a close call.
But there was danger still afoot,
Which could make brave persons distraught,
The peril in which she was put,
Was clearly worse than one had thought,
A great ferocious fire was set,
Which had no hope of being fought,
It resulted from the blood let,
Of the dragons that posed no threat,

The princess then thought herself mad,
As an angel swiftly appeared,
To save her from a fate that's sad,
And to shield from all that was feared,
The angel said to act with speed,
Because the flames of the fire neared,
The princess then promptly agreed,
And thus was fortunate indeed,
She got away without a scrape,
From that with which she strained to cope,
With her mind in such a bad shape,
She felt it was beyond her scope,
To get back home without a map,
Then a stranger gave her some hope,
She had thought it another trap,
But the stranger was a nice chap,

He told her to look to the north,
His words were shown to be the truth,
So the princess quickly went forth,
And reached where she had spent her youth,
She made sure that she moved with stealth,
In a manner that was uncouth,
Then surprised all with her good health,
And made eyes at her family's wealth,
None could believe that she was back,
Once the news had become public,
And there was nothing she did lack,
Due to presents from the lovesick,
For her absence led to heartache,
At first the king thought it a trick,
But soon realised his mistake,
And saw the girl wasn't a fake,

There was a rebuilding of trust,
But the princess was not honest,
For she felt revenge was a must,
She started scheming in earnest,
Help was enlisted from the best,
And her father's fate gained a twist,
Everything with which he'd been blessed,
Was seized at his daughter's request,
He didn't like his fall from grace,
But couldn't stop what came to pass,
His daughter governed in his place,
Her days of troubles were then sparse,
As she revelled in her success,
With the rest of the ruling class,
Living a life of great excess,
As a queen and not a princess.

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