gordon nosworthy

(a Very Non-Poem Poem In Jazz Prose Form) * - Poem by gordon nosworthy

i like jazz
that’s a bit of bluster
i’m just looking for the flow
consciousness oh consciousness
what has intelligence made of you
the bluster feels good
i am because i consciousness

stop! which came first
consciousness or intelligence?
beat beat beat
the answer comes in a bluster flow
consciousness of course
snap your fingers and stamp your feet
wrap your lips
around the teet

first there was consciousness
yes at the big bang
think about this krause
what was around the super highly really density
of the big big bang thing
how can nothing really be
that was consciousness

the rhythm breaks down here
intelligence is the brain’s way of figuring out consciousness
consciousness is the illusion
intelligence is the phone
some degree of awareness the phone is ringing
and picks up a little riff here
they go together like the big bang and marriage
you can’t have one
you can’t have one
without the oth oth er

i tapped the jazz flow
my rhythm is a little thick
okay syrup has turned to sugar but that’s not going to stop me
jazz is not always all form
the view is anarchic hectic yet not chaotically placid
humans hold this intelligence thing so dear
we always have to have reasons for it
this tool we use to observe and shape the universe
this utterly amazing instrument of creation
around us inside us

to turn molecules into things
visions into reality
the familiar trips the appliance up
when what is unfamiliar becomes automatically suspect
still consciousness keeps on coming
the doors of perception* are never closed
intelligence as fences to keep the familiar in
the unfamiliar out

so back to the bang (
we don’t know what happened yesterday nevertheless we...)
the big event the rational mind
somehow understands as different from god
and snap your fingers to this
beat beat beat
if there is no god beat beat
there probably most likely beat
in spite of all the wild theories and postulates
and equations and denials beat beat
is no big bang either

*how’s that for a political title?

Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

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Poem Submitted: Monday, November 30, 2015

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