Autism Is That Person Poem by Ian (John) McCleary (Son of the Cleric)

Autism Is That Person

The person with autism has a different reaction to life events than other people. Without the support they need as children from their parents and teachers, their life's journey may not be as easy to navigate or understand for them. Learning social skills are just as necessary as education is in helping the autistic child to grow up healthy emotionally.
The problem today is how autism is treated by the general public, as a genetic condition. There are parents still who deny that their child could ever be born with a genetic disorder like autism. And it may be that they may not want to put in the work to help their son or daughter anymore than they do.
They might agree that their child is incredibly shy and introverted, but not that there is something underlying those symptoms and behaviors. If we can see beyond the symptoms of autism, then there can also be more love and understanding on the part of the parents, and the more they can be part of their childs life.
This is not as common I would say today as those parents who know their child has a disability like autism spectrum disorder and feels they must do everything to make their life as easy as possible. They will make their choices for them in some cases, even though their child might have the ability to make most of their choices for themselves. This only makes their child grow up to feel dependent on whoever raised them, never learning how to use their disability as a way of becoming independent.
Autism is misunderstood by our society today despite all the organizations that have been created to spread awareness about it.
The older I have become the more I seem to forget about my own diagnosis. I don't even mention it anymore as something I was born with, because when I tell someone I have it they seem not to believe me, this because they cannot see the 'symptoms' with characterize autism. It could be good that despite it's symptoms, autism has made me successful in my life. But I know, regardless of what anyone says, the challenges that I experienced as an autistic person. And when I see someone and their behavior is characteristic of autism I will not quickly become annoyed by them but will try to understand them from the shared experience of someone on the spectrum.

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