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Black Flames - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I'm happy… and you ain't snatching that
Take my joy not, the devil
Not a ploy
Hear the rhythm of the earth
I listen diligently
When you air some dirt, that's snitching
Even all the fiction
Double standards all around
And imposed relations
Speaking truth is not a part of all the false
All the labels
Talk of falls, never happening
Flashing back again
My life, my life, don't revolve around another's hatred
They don't know me, confirmation
Misfit, strange ones
It's a nation, we ain't placed to be complacent
If I'm out, I don't want in
On the end
Where I trust and station, shaky, aiming at
Something, higher, than the fire
Complicated like desire, I'm a fighter
A survivor, like the rest of my climbers, reside in heaven
Even some ain't never been
Human beings
I have no mutual enlightenment, of folly
Life or death situations, come, stepping into ranges
Where you have no business
Do it for the present
But the future, you have not considered
When it's 'sposed to end?
If it's started, that is not a picture, hope to fly delivered
But that's what you
Common rules, funny views, looking over foolish
Focused on the highest thoughts
Never even try to fall
Here the melody reverberate, pass, inside the walls, even
Super solid, down to drop a silly fault screamer
But it ain't no rules
I'm an idiot, but Cross reasoned
I'm just tripping, with compassion, you dismiss it
Sending love, nothing changed,
But the number
So I'm fractions, no addition, dreaming…
Hope's sufficient, I ain't dig into the past yet, the mad, vexed
Zombify, want to get the gun if I
Seem strong, look weak, from the week,
Now ghouls want to fight, some would say, don't trust me
I'm broke, they wish I'd hold my peace, but they
Don't understand, why I wrote
And no appease…
Think I'm full of rainbows and, blink, you get your game broke
I ain't in the mood to be subdued, or confused
So I flame on… I can't go to hell
See, we're here to save souls, more of that and less of that
More to help and less to bash
Looking for a reason to
In the evil ways, no matter, evil say, I'm good, paths, start
After steps, I laugh and fail, then grab the
Rail, or slack the sail… if catch
The current…
Only if the destination lurks where the surge is headed
Mind blowing verse, I've said it
I've set it
Ay, call me what you want… stalking, got me under watch
But I saw it, knowing
You can lie, ain't nobody like me, I, aim to mop up all the grimy
Joining proper place of Light
Got to keep your mind pointed on the ointment
Joy above the sky, high
Problem is the earth fears all the wrong things, trying to see the picture
Full before the lowly soul fades
Granted, I was cool, then became something different
If I'm not standing with you, why continue
Mudding my missions? Judging my visions, I'm constant like collisions
I ain't big on tripping, nor I bother you
Pay attention!
For there is a war, here's what I will do… diving in, right by the ruse
To move out aside, because no matter what you
No, you do not define, you'll see, like I said, and it came to pass
It'd come again, you can't arrest an idea
But, that one don't apply
My eye clear, deny sheer villainous prospects, put onto platforms
Just to try negating some progress, but that's unreal
Like some stick figures

I don't know why you think you know me
What you say is not my reality and you are really just wasting
Your time…
The only power you have or have had is the
Attention I give you
With that
Ha ha ha, no more, Jezebel, you ain't never met me
The power invested in me is much more than
The darkness in you, I'm not 'that' type,

No weapon, Jezebel, and friends, still covered

I mean, can't you see what society is doing? Or trying to do?
I'm not out for nobody, I really don't know any
Of those who persecute...
I wouldn't
I couldn't, not out for nobody but still under eye
For pure exploitation, I'll write though
I find myself
I find that it all shall return accordingly, in Jesus name

I'm great


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