Dexsta Ray

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Black Locust - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Liquid revolution through this old syringe of poetry
Wrap it up
Truth in at the trunk
Missing fruits
The solution's at the stump
Black Locust
Let's review the ax
Stashed with the flutes
Clashing classes
Boom! To the fumes merge, to the room burst
Acid, vision backflips
Sort of like a new word but the facts clear…
Looking at the valley
At the trash here 'cause last year
Laughs seemed like unshooken tallies
When book stacks fall down…
No one's mocking God
Witness tragic news
Phone grabbing hues, want a blend of different colors
But the blots not…
Rooted and I got mine
Winner designed
Stop rolling? They're run-flat tires
Stepped on the tacks
Dropped folders
With non-stamped eyes
Spirit do encamp lives
Even for the trapped minds
Been baptized…
Since, I'm in reflection with some mirrors present
'Bout seven
But it's not about vanit-
A sheer connection
Time becomes an orifice like back in Honduras
Taking pictures
Everybody slay the lizard!
We can stay locked down by these forces
Like it ain't important
Maybe fortune claim a portion of our children too
Living like a riddle
Tell the Lord I'm feeling Truth…
And heal the fools still filled and entombed
It's worth a fortune but my eyes are lift from here to moon
So no competing
Though I'm broke and needy
I know Ephesians
Plus it's better when the soul is eating
So deceiving
Throw the Holy on the foes who tease me
Growing close to Jesus
Takes more than loads of clothes to please me
So you're reading…
See me trying to be off
'Cause we don't have to take it serious for our lives to lost
Delegating from the Spirit as I climb on my cross
For we can make it with the strength He gave us
He derived the cost…
Don't fear loud sounds, I only play a Psalm
Never to submit, bow down,
Or get in satan cause
Wait here while I get ground, found, now be awakened, all!
I ain't fake because I faced every single thing
Made it out the graveyard
I'm with the saints! And in the race, fully laced with the venoms
Within the faith, which ain't a plate, so I'm the greatest contenders
I was a hyperborean soul
All alone
In this wicked land, stayed reclusive, make excuses
When I ain't included
Right before the wrong, if I had known
Of His vivid plan… may pursued it, change from loser
Stayed in truthful
Been a different, kid, now a man
And I stand tall
Let the wicked bullies fall, I demand all-no longer living in those rules
A hand against it, rigid Christian, witness in old shoes
Though I can get some
I ain't really sweating anything but getting in the Door
Embracing what the Scripture say
It's crazy how they got a
Put us in a cult, that ain't the case, because the Spirit's more
If you ever get a taste
You got it all, but you must obey, trust God to lead the way
Soon, He'll take the tears from their face
And forever more…
Never could ignore better times, on horizons
But it wouldn't be these skies, soon, the sides will be divided
To remove the veil…
All the Light get life and we'll be through with hell
And we'll lose the shells
An elusive
All Truth though, I'm telling you what you do know, will we choose growth?
New mode, that focus, run across fun
Few Black Locust
Don't touch or this can draw blood, trashcan full of gold ones that was bawled up
That's- - man, I'm through
Let's get this wall

'Pass me up another stone.' 'Here, Nehemiah'


Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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