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Blackbeard Wrote A Poem

Rating: 5.0
Ahoy there me hearties, a treasure site I've found
Smartly! weigh anchors, we sail when the tide swings round

From the Greenwich Meridian, he set forth on his hunt
With rookies milling round, while still in the waterfront
Many were just freshmen, trying their luck on this quest
For everyone was hoping, to find the treasure chest
Some already veterans, had sailed far out from shore
With the pirate close behind, they're knocking on death's door
Sink me! me hearties, we need to get rid of these trash
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Blackbeard Wrote A Poem
Friday, May 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
Explanatory notes and Pirate's lingo

Smartly ……. Quickly
Greenwich meridian ……. Longitude 0 degrees
Sink me ……… Exclamation
Fire in the hole …… Warning issued before a cannon is fired
Queen Anne's Revenge …. Name of Blackbeard's ship
Arrr ……………… Exclamation
Crack Jenny's tea cup …. Spend the night in a house of ill repute
Loaded to the gunwalls ……. To be drunk
Haka ……………. Maori war dance
Scalpel and bone rasp …….. Surgical tools
Waka Taua ……. Maori war canoe
Ropes end ………. Flogging
Gawd ………….. God-Exclamation
Deadlights ……… Eyes
Long/Lat ………… longitude/ latitude, Sanjukta had moved to another site
Avast ……………… Stop and listen
Code ………………. Pirate's code of conduct
Veda ………………. Indian scripture
Rigveda ………….. first part of the Veda
Gita ………………… Bhagavadgita- a poem composed between 200BC and 200AD
Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen …… set sail- get going
Cutlass ………….. Pirate's sword
Piped on board ….. This is accorded only to vvips
Hogshead ……… Cask holding wine
Blow me down ……. Exclamation
All hands hoay ……. All hands on deck
Coracle ………… Round shaped traditional Indian boat-tends to go round in circles
Handsomely ………. Quickly or carefully
Yellow flag ………… to tell other ships that there is a dangerous disease on board
Shiver me timbers …….. Exclamation
Hornswaggle ….. to cheat
Strike colors …… Lower the flag
Long John Silver … Pirate with patch over one eye, a wooden leg and a parrot on his shoulder
Scallywag ….. A rogue
Kim Barney 05 February 2019
A fun poem to read. Quite an imagination you have, Loke!
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Mj Lemon 03 April 2018
Captain Bri...but this one, I imagine, set out to capture some Bounty? A terrific verse, Loke.
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Loke Kok Yee 06 April 2018
Thank you Mj, glad you enjoy it
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Dr Dillip K Swain 17 March 2018
A fascinating piece of poetry loaded with a lot of fun! Excellent picture! My favorite lines: Sink me! me hearties, we need to get rid of these trash/Fire in the hole and to shore they will quickly dash. Enjoyed reading!
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loke kok yee 29 March 2018
Thank you Dr, glad you had fun with this
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Bharati Nayak 23 June 2017
It is an exciting poem- -A real treasure for poetry lovers- - Your adventure in treasure hunt in the high seas of Poem Hunter deserves high acclaim- A salute to your poetic pen.
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Loke Kok Yee 24 June 2017
Thank you Bharati for your kind words, This was a fun write and I'm so happy that you liked it.
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Tom Allport 10 June 2017
a brilliant tongue in cheek adventure poem paying humorous homage to PH friends? .............superbly written
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Loke Kok Yee 24 June 2017
Thank you Tom, I was just having fun!
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Bri Edwards 08 June 2017
Sitting Confucius like was none other than yours truly........how DOES/did Confucius sit? ? i just read a poem yesterday which talked of Confucius; it was not this one. this poem: He Who Redeemed True Values In Public Life by Rajnish Manga. THIS made me laugh: Bust a hogshead me mateys, we be on a binge tonight With me old friend Bri around, me grammar be put right and, btw [by the way], i'm usually benumbed, not just after a night of boozing with BB. now i'll know how to defend against Valsa! thanks. besides the lines which speak of the famous (infamous perhaps?) Bri, these are my favorite lines so far: Handsomely now mateys! While a fair breeze blows with me Me can smell the booty now and end this comedy ...............i love comedy and i love good rhyming. this poem has both, and few if any typos. ok, maybe i'd change a little punctuation and maybe a few verb tenses, but the poem is too wonderful to fool with, even by a fool such as myself. ;) :) OK, i finally looked at 'notes' to try to find out what this means: painting his state........i did not find out. ; ( and i'm not sure which captain spoke these words: Shiver me timbers! We need to hornswaggle out of this Strike colors! Hoist the yella flag! say we carry disease. if it was BB, then i think the lines are somewhat redundant considering the previous lines. well, the poem is still wonderful and shall go to MyPoemList, of course. the ending makes my brain bleed. i have no heart. put that grog**** down. NOW! ! ! bri :) **** grog gräg/ noun noun: grog spirits (originally rum) mixed with water. informal alcoholic drink, especially beer. crushed unglazed pottery or brick used as an additive in plaster or clay. bri :)
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Loke Kok Yee 24 June 2017
Bri, This was how Confucius sat. On a rosewood chair, legs slightly apart, stroking his stringy beard and looking very wise!
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Bri Edwards 06 June 2017
alas, Melvina seems to have sunk from sight on PH. or is she hiding from ME! ? i like the 'dictionary' but won't take time to use it much if at all. time is short, and i WAS a pirate in a previous life anyway. favorite stanza so far: Next, he met up with Geeta, a lady from Mumbai Who read to him the Vedas till his eyes went quite wide Halfway through the Rigveda, Blackbeard threw up his hands No more! He pleaded, my poor brain can no more withstand He hurried to his frigate and sailed off in the night While the Gita swirled in his head till the morning light time to leave again. time is so short on computer. we prisoners have to share, you know. bri :)
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Bri Edwards 05 June 2017
From the Greenwich Meridian, he sat forth on his hunt............though B.B. may have been sitting, i think set forth is what i've heard. As he watched a haka, performed by brave Simone Inez.........i'd rather see Simone doing a hula! Gawd! Use yer bloomin deadlights, its' only a Kiwi wench.........i don't know deadlights, but i think an apostrophe has strayed; two of them. hee-hee. ;) :) Bro, Valsa alerted me to this poem, but, blimey, i'm out of time to finish reading it now. mother's order ya know: ( ! to MyPoemList. i'm loving it. and the rhyming is to die for, but i'll live long enough, i hope, to return someday soon! ! i did spy Bri in it; i looked ahead. bri :)
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Pamela Sinicrope 03 June 2017
I can tell you had fun with this clever bit of piracy! ;) Well done. I enjoyed reading it. Especially: The glossary of terms and these lines: Dear Member, Your blah blah blah Blackbeard Wrote a Poem blah blah blah Violating blah blah blah certain guidelines blah blah blah Removed blah blah blah reasons of removal blah blah blah Regards, Yo Ho Ho Keep having fun with your verse and your friends! All the best! :)
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Loke Kok Yee 04 June 2017
Thank you very much for taking time to read and your kind comments. I had a lot of fun writing this poem, and I so happy that you enjoyed reading it.
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Simone Inez Harriman 02 June 2017
A fascinating epic piratey feast of an adventure of a lifetime. Got a laugh out of the thought of me doing the haka and paddling a war canoe as I would be hopeless at both. Secretly I was tickled pink with my warlike persona in the poem as I am really just a big soft chicken. I was impressed by so much in this great write From the usage of rich pirate vocabulary to the riveting witty scenarios of my PH friends.10+++++
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Loke Kok Yee 03 June 2017
Tanks Simone for your lovely comments.
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