Albot George

Countdown - Poem by Albot George

I think you perhaps have a point,
; And it wood' have being nice for you to have
Taken the point up; yesterday and that's not me
Having a dig; or giving you the finger! ! !
And by the way did you have the same clothes
On as yesterday, bet they could smell you coming,
And that word is all IT tuck' thanks for that;

But yes I think the only way forwards
Is to do what you have suggested
At least this way we can be nice when we see each other
It will be like having a kit cat without the calories
Is the mouth sorry month four weeks or thirty one days
And did it start from this morning at 09,11
You'll have to let me know when you see me

We'll never move past where we are unless
We try something, it' going to be very hard'
The next 666' hours
No contact,
And this includes, no touching, no kissing
No eye contact, no winking I think IT is called winking?
And no grabbing you're really fat waist
This is becoming a lot harder than I thought
Just need a little pause, hope you can see where
I'm coming from
I love you so very much
But we do need to do this
Don't let the green eyes upset things
Let both try to be strong, and not weak
Because all that we will do is put us back to were
We are now and that isn't doing either of us any good
So one month IT is then,
Let be positive that whatever the outcome is; it will be the right one
It is what IT is
Ill not put anything else on line no matter how I feel;
So don't get upset with that, I'm hurting enough for us both
No texting at all, remember why we are doing this
I desire nothing, when I am with you
To me you have ‘IT, all
Night night babe

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 25, 2014

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