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Crepuscular - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I find a melody
To leave it like a love locked
Back to free the
Dropped, from the skies,
Fell on me…
Watching the dancing
Bantam lights
The high above the lightening
Bring to some degree
My… company
Crepuscular, time like twilight
Sit, insecticides by, right…
A mean adjustment
To only vestige, sign, dry wood
Like mites
To be a constant
What discrimination is
Hanging from the tape
Expectation weighs the greatest then
Pretty soon
To break the end
I want to hang out
And talk to
So much praise to give, I want to raise out
No rush
But mainly, on the south
On the beach
Neigh the sea shells
Sally taking tallies
Ain't no telling but she means well
In her own zone
No phone
Only hell to go cold
Normal rest
So behold home
Like the old gold was sold to the sea
The low parts of society has thrown me to sink
I bogart
All my owing
Fortified and protected
And more to lies, immortalize, and mortified at it's essence
I need an underdog position but the
None ofs fall within it
I discovered small beginnings
Then uncovered all
Then the muzzled got a voice and I could praise up for them
And took the image of the canopy and
Made something real
The devil fixed upon my family
And quick to get a hand on me
Will I see the closure?
I don't know, does a candle leak?
Pleasure principles
All exalted…
A bunch of pride and power
The weeds'll die rejecting knowledge but the shine and showers
Rise the flowers
Tell her…
I lied, and I can live with that, back then
And I probably should've lived the facts, trying not to lose something
That I felt was getting slack
Making no excuse
For it
I ain't trying to get it back
'Cause it wasn't really nice, it was a mistake
I wish I never would've met her
And what's the names?
Tall apples trees, carrots making a garden
I'll make it regardless
The difference
Is I'm changing the targets, they hating the larger
The fear it when it's smarter
Clear the dark
And peer directly in the Light, I ain't left,
Ain't in your sight, I'm lifted
Above the mark of your vision, I'm scarred and still inventing
Heart is a part getting started
With a tarp
I overshadow all the carts holding prattle
Soul of battle, hold control and in the midst of oppression
You hack my channel… broke my home
I persist like it don't
Told the Master, rose me faster, now I'm still the richest after!
Now I'm still the biggest after!
Spirit riches with physic positions, prepared a table
For me
I ain't missing any chairs
Jesus at the table sitting with me and the men He's spared
Noticed of salvation, now we saved
And the villain scared!
And I'm still aware, discriminate please!
I own the fact
I'm not the world's illegitimate seed! What did you think?
The Father'd let me fall? You'd stop a soul like thee?
You don't know about the prospects, I was out the profit
Soon as I was born
Clocks demolished, time is non-existent
On the other side
You'll find all the livest missing, dropping down to hell
Are the sin that we got within if
We can turn away, try to live like we got some senses
But the world ain't trying to hear
Probably trying to diss me, but to no avail
'Cause we won
Now we watching different, objects and not flesh, carnal enterprises strictly
Throwing binds to get me, but it never fix me
We belong together like some oats with some lettuce, really
Like some rope and a coal
All I tell is realness!
Scraping up a supplant for the change like I'm barely living

Help when we can, we must


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