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Daaaaad! ! ! ! - Poem by Damian Murphy

Today it is Dads everywhere we are celebrating
though it has come to be accepted as a universal thing
that Dads can sometimes be totally embarrassing,
the way they carry on can be downright mortifying!

Dads have been embarrassing kids ever since time began
Though all Dads try to fight the urge, not many can
It seems embarrassing Dads were part of our creators plan,
Why else would he have left a little boy inside every man?

Us Dad's know it's a lost cause, but we are compelled to try
Convincing you and your friends we are a really cool guy!
totally embarrassing ourselves, then wondering why,
you kids are mortified, just want to curl up and die!

We all know we have done it, let's not pretend
totally embarrassed our kids in front of their friends
though we are fully aware it drives you kids around the bend
it seems most Dad's cannot help themselves in the end!

Back in the day it was the dreaded "Daddy Dancing"
That kids of all ages found grossly embarrassing
But these days it seems it's our inappropriate posting,
Our questionable tweeting or Facebook commenting!

What is so wrong with showing you kids affection in public?
Does a hug from your Dad in public really make you sick?
Praising you in front of your friends is no reason to get thick,
Why do you cower when we tell friends you are fantastic?

It's hard for us Dads whom you worshipped from your mangers,
When we were your hero who protected you from life's dangers
Only then to see you turn into the stroppiest of teenagers
Who look at us like we are the most unwelcome of strangers!

The odd embarrassing moment though seems a small price to pay
For the cheap board and lodgings where you stay,
For having a free taxi available 24 hours a day
And a cash dispenser that just gives money away.

For a fully stocked kitchen where you can eat your fill,
The use of every amenity without paying a single bill,
Where your contribution to housework is absolutely nil,
living in the lap of luxury for which many would kill!

You kids get off lightly; you have it easy on the whole
And you all know it's true, in your heart and soul!
Us Dads have to be embarrassing; it's part of our role
You kids need to get used to it, that's just how we roll!

Yes, we can be embarrassing; the world knows it's true
But there is one thing every single Dad will try to do
that is to love you and do his very best by you
For a Dad loves his children through and through.

We apologise for all those cringy moments you have had
Though we Dads just cannot help it, it is 'our bad'
You need to accept that we sometimes go momentarily mad
while remembering that nobody will love you quite like your Dad.

So this Fathers Day let's cut all Dads some slack,
If he slips up do not give him too much flak
For the day that's in it, stay off his back
At the end of the day it is just a bit of craic!

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Dads! You gotta love 'em: -)

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