'Foes' Poem by Saumya xoxo


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We sit shivering in the cold, damp trenches,
While the hawkish winds slit through our veins.
Rain soaks, while I bleed tears.
I cringe into the darker holes, all hope lost.

I watch the heavy snow crash on the dead, icy eyes,
littering them with its malignant flakes.
Maybe one day,
One day these eyes will serve the same fate.
Dead and icy.

Eyes which bear the white lies of this war.
Lies which will remain untold,
to lure another pure soul into the same fate,
Then another and another and another.
Until they're all buried by the sleet in the foreign dust.

Night falls and so does the storm,
Something's different today.
A christmas in the trenches.
A christmas on the war front…
somehow the time felt right for sweeter things.

Suddenly, all our foes sing.
Sing like they're home, not in war crying blood.
Maybe, for a night it can be all forgotten.
Blood, death, agonies, sorrows, hatred.
All forgotten for a night.

They sing then we sing.
Wishes come and go from both sides.
Some pass presents, some pass cards.
We drowse from dusk till dawn.
Maybe, all is forgotten forever.

Or so I thought.

Generals march through with rage.
But they do nothing. Nothing but order us around.
Greedy for money, empires and crowns.
Maybe all isn't forgotten…

And then I question,
question myself, the generals, the civilians,
the mothers and fathers, the kids and god.
Why are we here?
For the pride of our country?
Or for the greediness of the money?

Once again I get my gun and shoot.
Shoot through every single ‘foe' I see.
I watch the half-known faces collapse,
Their eyes go ice.
Serving the same fate as others.

This was war.
War where young is naïve and tricked.
Tricked by the old and bitter.
Tricked into killing the ones we do not know and shall not know.
But in the cold clockwork of war, where do we point?

This is what war is.
Money is all matter.
Maybe in some other circumstance,
My ‘foes' would be my friends.
Not ruled by the generals but by my love.

- Saumya <3

Izzy F 23 February 2023

wow. this is amazing!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 05 April 2023

On rereading this poem, I found it profound Bravo! ! !

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Congratulations on POD, Saumya!

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Saumya xoxo 05 April 2023

I just realised! Thank you so much! !

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Bharati Nayak 05 April 2023

A profound write about war --How war affects both the friends and foes? Afterall, who is a foe, who is a friend? War is a loss for mankind.

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Saumya xoxo 05 April 2023

Well said!

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Extraordinary flow of words and images. Reading this poem was like watching a movie, because the images unfurled right before my eyes.

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Saumya xoxo 07 March 2023

Glad you liked it

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Meredith B. 28 February 2023

Your imagery is incredibly vivid! You are so talented! ! !

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Saumya xoxo 01 March 2023

Thank you so much!

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